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Apple iStores in China: Will the REAL one please stand up?

Updated on July 22, 2011
Looks can be deceiving in China!
Looks can be deceiving in China!

Apple products, in part, are made or assembled in China. Cheap labor is the reason. But China has become a master of the fake and fraud of many famous brands, from designer clothes, handbags, electronics, DVDs and Apple i-this and i -that product. The fakes are SO good at times the buyer is unaware until it is too late. Usually, the key sign is the price, which is much lower than what an item normally sells for. Second, is the quality the item is made from. The fakes are always made from cheaper material.

Apple now has another problem. Fake, nearly identical, Apple stores filled with fake Apple products selling fake products to unsuspected Chinese citizens. Officially, Apple has only four stores in China, two in Beijing and two in Shanghai, plus resellers. However, in Kunming, located in the southern Yunnan province, there are "other" Apple stores. To even some Americans, it may at first appear to be an Apple store as EVERYTHING is identical to the REAL stores at a glance. The salespeople dress exactly like the real ones, the displays and products appear to be identical, the color schemes and English is slick.

However, whenever there is fraud, there is always a slip up. Something not thought of will give it way. So, when some Americans living in that area of China came across the Apple store, they were almost fooled but for a sign: Apple Store. The Americans entered and scanned the horizon noticing that the stairs seemed to be cheaply made, painted walls were just "odd". The hired help seem to have problems demonstrating the products functions. Hmmm........

Come to find out, there are three other such stores in the same province. The big clue to these savvy Americans was the sign. A real Apple store will NEVER have a sign like: Apple Store. The real stores will only have Apple and its logo on the sign. Another boo-boo was that a product had the Apple logo without the bite!

Of course, for the Chinese, many or most will not know these nuances about Apple, and even others will not notice it. The fake Apple products they sell are way cheaper but will seldom work as well or have the identical features as the real ones.


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    • daryl2007 profile image

      daryl2007 6 years ago

      China is the master of fooling everyone for the sake of making their country rich...not only great brands they fake...but also they are trying to fool other claimants of the Spratly Islands..... Not because their ancient Emperor had explored most of the South China Sea that does not mean they own everything.