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Apple iWatch (Review)

Updated on September 29, 2015

Welcome, This is the 2nd last Review of the Apple Products of 2015. This article is about the Apple iWatch. This topic is something I would really like to express. I know a lot of people (that know) are considering buying this object personally I used it for a week of a friend. I honestly think there is some problems, some awesome features and there needs to be improvements to the watch. This will be my honest review of the Apple iWatch and what I think should be a great Hub to express my feelings about the Watch. Please note that I don't Own the watch at the moment buy like I said before I used it for a week for a test run and I will try my best to express my feeling about the product, Let's get started !

To wear it is to love it.

Receive and respond to notiļ¬cations in an instant. Track your daily activity. Control your music using only your voice. Start a workout just like that. With Apple Watch, important information and essential features are always just a raise of the wrist away.

— Apple iWatch Director


When it comes to History, there isn't any. Due to this being the first Apple iWatch or Gadget on your wrist this is a whole new journey for Apple to face which is amazing and I can't wait to see what happens in the feature for the Apple Watch's. But we all know there is some background to watch's themselves like the (Fitbit, Samsung Watch's) and more other watch that I can't write about. Watch are a way of telling the time it's why a watch is a watch but now the watch in the feature are going to see all these new features, including health features and ways of telling friends of what happening from the first. To me the concept of telling the time is going completely. I use to wear a watch but now I'm on my iPhone all the time I there is not point of looking on my wrist. Hopefully in the next couple of years we can come back to this moment and take a look at what the Apple iWatch use to be. We do all the same with the iPad's, iPhones and more


This is my favourite part of all the Hubs, we're going to go through some all the major aspects of the watch including why it's so special to Apple and why this makes the watch stand out to all the other watch's like Samsung, Sony & Fitbit.

- Notifications Siri & Wallet - This is what stands out on the Apple Watch. With Apple Watch you can get notifications without even pulling out your phone which to me is a cool thing, but is it really when you are a party, meeting or are simply talking to something you don't want to have to keep looking at your wrist. To me it's fine I'm just a normal person I don't go to many meetings but... Doesn't it seem a bit rude. ? Let me know in the Comment's

- Health - This something I can't complain about, Apple have done an amazing job with the fitness side of the watch. Everything is good when It comes the fitness. But in my words I think they tried a tiny bit too hard when it comes to health... Trying to copy other companies. I didn't get a chance to try it out that well but too me it seemed simple and easy to use. Health display's Your Step's, Heart Rate, Flight's of Steps and many more which motivates you to keep them steps up. It will also alert you if you're being lazy... Wow even the Watch's getting up you. But no doubt you can disable that. But still a cool feature to have.

- Watch Faces - This too me doesn't stand out, but it's cool to see. You can customize and but widgets on the lock screen of you Apple Watch like an Android Phone. You can get alerts like when you Plane takes off or when you have an upcoming event. This to me is amazing. Beat's trying to use your massive finger trying to find the calendar app.

This is all the Feature I can think of and what a mention on the Apple Website. This to me is amazing but there could of being more potential. Hopefully we see more objects and watch in the feature which them playing games and more!

Is Apple Watch Worth The Money?

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The Conclusion - This device is the first of it's kind but I think I was expecting a lot more than what it offered me. Maybe in the feature there will be some more awesome and useful feature's but we just need to wait. It's only 2015 isn't it. There is still a bright future for the Gadget !

Thanks so much for reading these Hubs are really fun the write and I hope you liked it as much as I did I hope you make the right decision about buying you Apple Watch. And let me know how you guy. This has been another Apple Review...

Thanks for Reading !

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Worth Buying?

To me, sadly no there are awesome feature and all but If it was around $300 dollar I would pick it up. This is another expensive purchase topping at the lowest price of $500 !!! dollars which too me is just a waste. There are reasons, The watch display is extremely small it annoyed me to a point where I had to take it off. But to me there was more potential but it wasn't offered. But please don't base your decision on my Review I try to be honest in my reviews but others have other opinions. Please look around but to me I don't think it worth that much money and sadly other would agree to me. So look around and let me know if it's too much $$

After a Week?

After a Week of using this item. I was amazed at what It was capable to do but after a while it started to get annoying to use which the consent spam emails and more. This can be reduce of cause and all but the buzzing started to get annoying. Don't get me wrong this device is amazing but it like an alarm going off every second. There are some awesome feature like seeing when you plane is taking off and looking at your messages and reply with a tap of a button. This to me really made my day easier. But the Ultimate thing I loved about this Device was simply not having to pull out my phone all the time. I could get calls, messages like I mention before. Every notification was sent to my watch which is outstanding but annoying. It's hard to explain unless you're me.

Some Features could be improved. We have also seen the first major update to the Watch named "WatchOS" with is a software update for more capability of 3rd party apps. Which is exciting sadly I won't be able to test that without renting the watch again.


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