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Application of Supercomputers

Updated on March 12, 2014

Uses of Supercomputers

The machine can be used in both scientific and business applications, but used mainly scientific applications. Few large multinational banks and corporations are using small supercomputers. Applications include; special effects in film, collecting and processing of weather data, processing of geological data, processing of data regarding genetic decoding, aerospace (aerodynamics and structural designing), simulation, and mass destruction weapons. The users include; Film makers, National weather forecasting agencies, Geological data processing agencies, Genetics research organizations, Space agencies, Government agencies, Scientific laboratories, Research groups, Military and defense systems, Large time-sharing network, and Large corporations.

Flight Simulator

Supercomputer updates

> Japan To Invest $1.3 Billion In New Supercomputer

> Japan Takes Top Spot From China: Fujitsu's "K" Is The World's Most Powerful Supercomputer

> Chinese Supercomputer Threatens Weaker American Computers

> IBM Dives Back Into Water Cooling Supercomputers To Save Energy

> GI releases first new product since bankruptcy, Octane III

> NEC's updates its supercomputer "Earth Simulator System", breaks record

> NEC's SX-9 supercomputer boasts "fastest standing" in HPC challenge benchmark

World's new fastest supercomputer runs on AMD and Cell hardware

• Simulation

Duplicating an environment. It is done for many reasons like;

o Training of the users
o Predict/forecast the result
o If physical experimentation is impossible
o If physical experimentation is expensive

A scene in a movie ‘The man with the golden gun’ showed a car doing a 360 degree jump. The scene was simulated on computer, before done in real life. The scene was Okayed in first attempt without loss of a single life and damaging a single car.

These are used to produce special effects. Movies like The Star Fighter, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Terminator’s sequel, Asteroid, Dante’s Peak, Jurassic Park, The Lost World, Godzilla, Matrix’s sequel, Lord of the Rings and all the latest movies have special effects generated on supercomputers.

• Weather forecasting and earth’s atmosphere research

Data is supplied from worldwide network ofspace satellites, airplanes and ground stations, are fed in to supercomputer for analysis to forecast weather. In weather forecasting, thousands of variables are involved and can only be processed on a supercomputer. Accurate predictions can only be made up to one month only beyond this we need more powerful computers.

• Oil Exploration and Production companies

Process millions of pieces of data to determine the most productive oil exploration sites, Processing of geological data involves billions of pieces of data and thousands of variables, a very complex calculation requiring humongous computing power.

• Genetics engineering

Used for the processing and decoding of genetic data. Genetics scientists and engineers are using it for research and development to immune human beings form heredity diseases. As genetics data processing involves thousands of factors to be processed. supercomputers are the best choice. Th latest developments, like,cloning and gene mapping also require the processing capabilities of supercomputers.

• Space exploration

Great achievements are simply impossible without supercomputers. The landing of Pathfinder on the Mars with. the remarkable accuracy and perfection is another proof of the capabilities of this wonderful machine. The in-flight computer was based on famous IBM processor technology RISC/6000, that was modified for the project and made hardened, and called RAD/6000.

• Aerodynamic designing of airplanes

The manufacturers of airplane are using supercomputer to simulate the passage of air around separate pieces of the plane and then combine the results, Today’s super computers are still unable to simulate the passage of air around an entire aircraft.

• Aerospace and structural designing

Simulation in aerospace and structural designing was used for the space station and space plane (transatmospheric vehicle). These projects required extensive experiments, some of which were physically impossible. For example, the proposed space station would collapse under its own weight if built in the gravity of Earth. The space plane must be able to take off from a runway on Earth and accelerate directly into orbit at speeds over 8,800 mph. Many of these conditions cannot be duplicated; the simulation and modeling for these designs and tests include processing of billions of pieces of data and solving numerous complex mathematical calculations — a perfect application for supercomputers.

• Nuclear weapons

Simulation is also used for the production of mass destruction weapons to simulate the results of an atomic or nuclear bomb formula. For this reason, American government is very cautious about the production and export of this computer to several nations. Some famous export deals include.
• America provided Cray XMP supercomputer to India for weather data processing.
• America supplied a supercomputer to China for peaceful nuclear research.
• IBM exported supercomputer RISCJ6000 SP to Russia, and Russians used it for their nuclear and atomic research purposes. This deal put IBM under strong criticism by the US government.


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