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Applications for using your new VoIP service

Updated on August 11, 2010

The VoIP Paradigm

Every once in a while an entire industry undergoes a revolution. This is usually (but not always) facilitated by a new technology, but technology is just one aspect of the whole. The revolution must encompass an entirely new way of thinking and looking at the industry. This not only leads to efficiency gains, but also creates new markets as it has a cascading effect on other industries and people.

Something of the sort is occurring with VoIP communications. Just a few years back, phone calls were a set routine. A person dials your number or extension and you talk to them. Nothing more and nothing less. Then the Internet came along and changed everything.

VoIP Applications

At first VoIP was nothing but a means to make cheap calls. This was where technology played a role and simply made the existing systems more efficient. The underlying paradigm was still the same. Soon however, people realized that the flexibility of VoIP could also be used to transform the way voice communications are handled and this sparked off the revolution.

These days, the use of PBX and hosted VoIP systems are only limited by one's imagination. As an example, let's take a look at one new application that has been made possible - The road warrior's integrated communication.

Working on the road

People on the move have unique issues when it comes to phone calls. They usually have many phones with them with differing telephone numbers for places such as office branches and mobile phones. This means that their clients have to have all the different numbers to make sure they can reach him. In addition, one can't be sure that a voicemail sent to one phone will be received any time soon by the person they want to call.

With VoIP however, these problems are simplified greatly. Just one number is necessary. The VoIP server then rings all the phones at once and if the road warrior picks up any one phone, the call proceeds seamlessly. On the other hand, if none of the phones are answered, the caller can leave a voicemail that is then sent to the associate's inbox in a central location which is accessible by email anywhere in the world!

This is just one example where a hosted phone system using VoIP has revolutionized communications. Its presence is being felt in every industry and VoIP itself is still in a nascent stage. The future is ripe with opportunities and more even more innovation.


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