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Apply Secure Labels on Products With Hologram Labeling Machine

Updated on July 23, 2015

The holograms labeling machine is used in designing labels (pieces of papers, polymers, clothes, metals, or other materials) that are used in securing products. This labeling machine is designed in such a way that it makes sure that labels used are secure and genuine in meeting international standard developed by international standards organizations. Also, it's pledge that the product can have the company logo that validates the product originality in the market. In addition, the hologram labeling machine is greatly considered in packing industries because it is secure.

Some Major Characteristic Of Hologram Labeling Machine

  • Self sheltered from happenings of any voltage change.

  • Product input manually done

  • Best for any online ink jet

  • Easy mechanism of fixing and releasing labels.

  • The high speed of the machine that helps increasing production to 300 containers / minute.


Hologram Machine Application In The Packaging Process

The machine labels finished item / product, vials, bottles, containers, etc. The Hologram Machine is applied many industries, including food, cosmetics, beverages and pharmaceuticals. Besides, they ensure that the work is done within the scheduled times with quality, which minimizes the time loss in the packing industries as a result more production. Also, Hologram Machine lets the packaging industries listed above working easier, hygienic and clean.

Benefits Of Hologram Machine

  • The machine is easy to use label placing adjustment

  • Low maintenance cost.

  • It protects the products from unauthorized interference because the machine possesses a seal.

  • It can stick different products, for example, stick vials, containers, labels bottle, syringe and boxes.

  • Hologram Machine is a multi purposes machine because it can do many tasks like label dispensing, product roll winding and many more.

  • It has digital that raises accuracy of the output.

This machine makes the labels of the products attractive, clear and eye catching that is one of the best advantages of this machine in packaging industries. In addition, Hologram Labeling Machine is equipped with the advanced technology as well as is most fitting device for packaging applications. Easy to maintain, easy to use, protects products from damages and high speed in production are some of the advantages of using this machine. Heath care, Electronics, pharmaceutical, food and beverages and are some Of the industries that use this machine regularly.


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