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Apps and Websites for Chatting Anonymously

Updated on February 22, 2017

Disclaimer with Anonymous Chatting

This hub is written for those people who want to make friends but do not want to actually meet face to face. I would just like to put some tips before I introduce these apps and websites:

  • Never send money to a stranger
  • Never give out your personal address or full name
  • Always try to use nicknames
  • If you do happen to become really close with someone you meet online: try moving to a platform like facebook or something similar so that you can make sure they are real.
  • Do not send nude photos to anyone, even if they ask. If they do have your information they can report you to the police or they can even spread those photos on social media.
  • Watch the show Catfish and be careful. Check out the video at the end.


Apps Geared Toward Anonymous Chatting

Psst! Anonymous is a social network app that is completely anonymous.

You sign up and then make posts. You are able to contact people but it does not save the chat and the messages self destructs. You have the option to create a handle or not. Even after you create the handle you don't have to use it every time you post.

You can chat with others without actually knowing their handle. I even had an incident where a guy flirted with me and I responded not to his liking and he called me bitter. But it didn't matter because the message was gone and it self destructed so I had no worries. He also was still anonymous so even better that he didn't use the handle feature.

It is perfect for people who like to socialize without making them reveal themselves. Or you could go the opposite route and invite all your friends to use it as well. They do have that as an option.

It is available on Google Play and will soon be available on Apple products. Here is there website to get more information about this app.

Other Apps to try out that are similar but not exactly the same:


Websites and Messengers

Reddit is a popular website about a lot of topics. This is because it is based on people posting and responding. The topics are anything and everything someone could think of. Within this are posts made by people who want to talk about a specific topic. What they do is try and create a group chat about that topic. The post could read "Kik Chat about the moon". Or sometimes the posts are general and just say "Kik Chat! Come Join!". To find these posts all you have to do is search for them in the search bar.

This is another way for people to chat and get to know one another. Also if you do not know what Kik is it is a messenger app where you create a username. You have the option to link it to your phone number and have people search you but you don't have to.

Kik is available on Android and Apple.

Other messengers like this:

BBM Apple / Android

LINE Apple / Android

Kakoatalk Apple / Android

Tumblr is a blogging website where you create a blog and share ideas. You can have followers and follow other people. You can reblog their posts and make your own posts. Here you can send asks to people and also fanmail.

They do not actually have an official messaging system where there is a chat box but some people exchange information like their username on a messenger or a phone number (see below about apps to get a phone number from, instead of using your real one).

It all depends on the user to reach out and talk to others on this blogging site.


Phone Numbers

You meet someone and they want to chat outside of the platform? Or better yet you meet someone in real life and you don't want to give out a real number right away?

Here are apps for creating a phone number to give out:

Heywire is one of the more popular ones. It is easy to sign up and available for Apple and Android.

Textnow is my personal favorite because you can access it online as well as the app. I find that very helpful. It is available for Android and Apple.

Here are some others to consider:

In Conclusion

Be careful online when sharing information and try and be respectful. If someone is harassing you there is always a report button or a block feature with all of these applications listed above.

There's a video below for those of you who find someone you connect with and end up wanting to meet.

Enjoy your anonymous exploring!

How to Spot a Catfish


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