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Earn Money With Free Apps!

Updated on September 8, 2012

I have always been a fan of the idea of making money online. I use a few different websites that bring me in some extra cash every month. I began wondering if there were any similar ways to earn money using my iPhone. I discovered a few different apps that allow you to earn money and rewards straight from your phone. Here are my personal reviews on each:

App Trailers

My Personal Rating: 5 Stars

This is by far my favorite money making app. It is very easy to sign up for an account. Once you sign up, you can begin watching short videos (usually about 30 seconds). The videos will be trailers for apps. You can earn extra points for downloading some apps if you choose, but this is not required. However, I usually download all of the free apps they offer points for, because I can always delete them if I do not wish to keep them. Your points can then be redeemed for gift cards or cash via paypal. There is no minimum to cashout to your paypal. As long as you have at least one cent, you can have it sent to your paypal. You will see your earnings appear in your paypal account within 60 seconds. Like usual, this app also allows you to earn money for referring others. App Trailers also, rewards you if you use someone as a referrer.

If you would like to use my referral code, feel free but not obligated. Just enter absorbingbryce into the app where it asks for your bonus code. You will receive 500 points, which is equal to 50 cents, just for entering a code. Referrers earn a dollar for every member they get to sign up.

App Trailers is also available on Android.


My personal rating: 4 stars

Calyp has a very interesting concept. It is an app that allows you to earn money for endorsing advertisements. There are many ads to chose from in a wide range of categories from sports, to music, to pets, even to charity. Examples of ads/products that I have endorsed include: Disney's Brave, Nike, Purina, Subway, and Pop Tarts. After you decide which ads you want to endorse, you simply share the ad on your Facebook, Twitter, email, or via SMS. You earn 60 cents for every ad you endorse. You also earn money every time someone clicks on your endorsement. There are a few cons to this app. You can only endorse up to 6 ads per day (you begin with a limit of 3, and earn a higher limit as you level up). They also only pay you by loading your money onto a Calyp debit card. The card comes with a 1 time processing fee, and you must earn $25 before they will send you your card. However, overall I really enjoy this app.


My Personal Rating: 7

This app rewards you for watching TV. You earn points for checking into your favorite TV shows and then redeem them for gift cards. Checking into your show is easy. Make sure the volume is up to a decent level, and hit the "check in" button. The app will automatically show what you are watching, and you will earn your points.They frequently update the app and add new features and ways to earn. I have earned a good bit with this app. My only real complaint about Viggle is that you can only earn points for live shows, and I use my DVR a lot.


My Personal Rating: 4

NPolls is not going to earn you a ton of money. It will earn you some, but I will be honest and say that it will take you awhile. However, I still like this app. It allows you to answer short polls about different issues, and you earn money for each poll that you complete. I have answered polls on things such as "What is your favorite sports team?", "How do you feel about same-sex marriage?", and "Who do you want to win the presidential election?". After the polls close, you will get to see the results. It is interesting to see the results from the polls already created, or you can create your own polls for others to answer. The only downfall is that not many polls are available. As the app progresses, I see this being a great money-maker. It is still fairly new, but is slowly becoming a better app.


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