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I hate 3D movies

Updated on April 8, 2012
I hate 3d movies
I hate 3d movies | Source

Why I hate 3D movies

OK, so if you've ever been to a 3D film/movie then your going to probably know what I'm talking about. You might know already why I hate 3D movies.

Recently I went to see Thor in 3D, firstly I'd like to say that the price for a 3D film is ridiculous here in the UK, and secondly the only good point about this article was that the film was excellent in my opinion.

So whats my problem ?

Alright so there I was in a long line ready to empty my bank account into the idea of the watching of this film, then was handed these cheap glasses, I went into the film room still feeling optimistic and waited for the long tiresome trailers to end.

Then the film started to play, I put on the glasses and my first thought was that someone must have turned the film off ! IT WAS SO DARK ! But I'm a patient person and I decided to preserver as I didn't really have much choice...

Then I realized something else, I remember watching a really old film in 3D [You know the ones with the red and blue glasses] and realized that there was allot of difference, the image on the screen wasn't really popping out as much compared to how it used to.

So this Is where I answer my article question "Why I hate 3d movies"

I soon came to the conclusion that this wasn't actually 3D, it was more of an enhanced picture, whilst watching this film I noticed that even when objects flew into and off the screen, I didn't feel as if they were going to hit me like before.


After talking to allot of other people, I find out that I wasn't alone on this way of thinking, one more bad point to add is that 3D can give you some serious headaches, after I came out of the room I felt drunk ! [ And no I hadn't slipped in a sneaky drink]. This pain that I had developed was so bad that I had to take painkillers, this really makes my point about why I hate 3d movies, even stronger.

In conclusion, I would say go with normal, good old fashioned 2D, its cheaper, just as good, and doesn't give you a headache and eye strain ! I really do think that a movie is much more enjoyable to watch in the normal 2D way. I don't know if someday in the future there will be a new type of 3D movie, but as it stands I really can not stand them. I would do anything to make sure the next time I go to the cinema, I do not have to go through the disappointment that I have experienced this time.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article as much as I have enjoyed ranting about why I hate 3d movies. I would love to hear your opinions on the matter. Do you prefer the good old way of watching cinema and prefer to watch it in good old fashioned 2D ? Or do youactually completely disagree with me and actually like 3D films. Whichever way you think, I would love to know what you think.

That's the end of this article, thank you for reading. Have a great day.


Luke James


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      actually, i have recently aquired decent red/cyan glasses (no ghosting, really good) and checked a few movies out; to me, it looked exactly the same as theater movie 3d effects, you probably just got older ^^

    • john.maco profile image


      7 years ago

      Found another article of yours on traffup. Yeah 3D sucks and it not for people with eyesight issues. Imagine a person already wearing a numbered glass is made to wear these stupid 3D glasses. I'd rather buy a DVD and watch the movie with my girlfriend.


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