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Are Facebook Users Becoming Bored? The Answer May Surprise You

Updated on June 8, 2012
Are we getting bored with Facebook?
Are we getting bored with Facebook?

The Juggernaut that is Facebook may be starting to cool. A Reuter’s poll now suggests that a sizable number of Facebook users are becoming bored with the site. With a truly disastrous IPO under its belt Mark Zuckerberg and company don’t need the news that their 15 minutes of fame may be ending. Indeed the pole suggests that approximately 34% of users are spending less time on the platform for one simple reason, they are bored with Facebook.

Certainly the size and scope of Facebook give it significant momentum, but it is clear that things in the Facebook Empire are not quite as trouble free as once thought. It is no secret that people are more fickle today that perhaps anytime in human history, and the Internet has amplified impatience even more. Remember, we are not far removed from those social media stars, MySpace and Friendster. They were both the next big thing in the web 2.0 space, but now they are little more than a footnote in the short life of the Internet. Things change quickly and technology moves along.

Have you noticed yourself getting bored with Facebook?

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It isn't that Facebook’s platform is necessarily the problem, although many will claim that Timeline is the worst thing that ever happened to the site. It is that people are simply tiring of the same garbage day after day. It is interesting to check in with old classmates or friends that we don’t talk too often, but hearing about “friends” waiting in the doctor’s office or the 100 different kitten pictures with “cute” quotes just wears us out. This stuff just gets tiring and frankly it limits many users from checking in as often. That coupled with the need for many of our “friends” to vent, scream, cuss, and generally misbehave, and it suddenly doesn't seem with the trouble.

Whether people are tiring of the silliness, or they are just beginning to move on, it will certainly be interesting to watch. Zuckerberg has proven himself up to most challenges to this point; the question is whether he has the power to keep his platform relevant. Will he ultimately prove himself to be a Jobs or a Gates, or will he simply be yesterday’s kid billion. One thing is for sure, the world will be watching.


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    • agvulpes profile image

      Peter 5 years ago from Australia

      Yep it does seem the 'worm may be turning' I wonder what the next 'big' thing will be?

      Is Twitter going the same way perhaps?

    • ksknair profile image

      Sanath Nair 5 years ago from Kochi,India

      I just noticed it. Very true.

      In fact I just started hating the forward pics of sky, water fall, dogs and all that nonsense. Add to it, the quotes. Fb users are not trying to be creative. Even when people are just sharing any pics or quotes, they simeple hit the share botton without their contribution. I expect a simple one-liner as their comment.

      On the other hand, it definitely helped to make some great friends in social network apart from uniting with my school or childhood friends. We were born during the era of letters and postcards.

      Nice write-up.

    • wewillmake profile image

      wewillmake 5 years ago from kerala-INDIA

      Ya its true regular users of the Facebook came to the Facebook rarely nowadays...

    • sen.sush23 profile image

      Sushmita 5 years ago from Kolkata, India

      I so concur with your observations! Over the last couple of months, I have been feeling more and more exasperated with both my habit of FB and the way people are turning it into a dark hole to sink everything in. I wanted to deactivate my account, but as I still have a couple of friends scattered across the globe who matter to me, and a few groups that are interesting activities, I am still keeping it on. Voted up and sharing too. Very timely and relevant.