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Are Google Glass features worth the hefty price tag? What you need to know before buying.

Updated on April 8, 2014

What is Google Glass Anyway?

If you love all things technology, you’ll want to dive into the revolutionary new Google Glass and test it out for yourself. The Google Glass is being developed by Google Glass research and development project. It has not yet been mass produced, but many have had the opportunity to purchase it, including me and I wanted to share with you my experience with this revolutionary wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display.

What does Google Glass do?

Google Glass is still in its beginning stages and growing, the price for it is $1500 plus tax, making it a hefty $1680 by the time you get one in your hands and begin discovering its potential. So what does Google Glass really do?

There are only a few functions currently available with Google Glass and the list is growing.

  1. Displays the time and temperature at your location
  2. Take picture- Once you take a picture, you’re able to send it via email or share it on Facebook or Google+
  3. Record Video- Automatically records 10 seconds only but can be extended to an unlimited amount, once the video is done, you’re able to email or share it on Google+, or Facebook
  4. Google Send a message- This is easily confused with sending a text message, but Google Glass is unable to send text messages at this time, it is rather sending a message to the contacts you have setup via email.
  5. Google Get Directions- This functionality only works if you have a hot spot on your phone, otherwise Google Glass will only function on WiFi within your home without this feature, what’s the point right?, I think you know your way around your own house.
  6. Google Make a Call- Google Glass will automatically make a call to your contact, just like a Bluetooth headset would, the voice and ear piece are quite clear.
  7. Google video call someone- This function allows you to conference with someone in your Google+ account, what they will see is what you’re looking at, not you during the call. I guess you can always take it off and point it to you during the conference but that defeats the purpose doesn't it?
  8. Google….ask anything you want
  9. The voice command is pretty functional, you’re able to ask Google anything you like and will provide the answer, as if you’re sitting on a computer searching.

Currently, there are applications available to add to Google Glass through the app on your phone, the list is slowly growing, but you cannot think of the apps the same as the apps you download on your phone, for example, you’re not able to scroll your timeline on the twitter app, you will only be able to see if someone mentions you and post an updated if needed. The same applies to the Facebook app, you’re able to automatically share the video and photo taken and post a comment, but cannot see the timeline.

One of my triplets having fun with Google Glass

Google Glass really cool features

  1. It is pretty smart, you’re able to calibrate the eye piece to snap the picture simply by winking
  2. It does recognize head movements, tilting your head up Starts Google Glass, there are also game apps that allow you to use your head movements to balance a shape or play tennis. Get ready for a little neck stiffness.
  3. Hands Free functionality, unlike the traditional phone, your hands are completely free, with an unlimited video length that will run as long as your battery does, you can literally record your entire day without using your hands once. Start it up and get moving.

My Personal Opinion on Google Glass

I personally will be returning mine in a few days for multiple reasons. The Glass is comfortable, but since the screen sits right above the right eye, I felt that my right eye was straining and you will have to look up slightly every time the screen comes on. Besides it being completely hands free, the features currently available are no different than what you can do with your smart phone and Siri on the Iphone.

I am sure the future development will include many more features and functions that will make it worth every penny. I am very happy I had the chance to try it and I’m sure I will own one again. It is an amazing gadget to own, but in my personal opinion, the current price tag is not justified with the features it currently provides. Once it has been updated with additional functionality and mass produced with a price tag for the common consumer, I believe it will be a lot more reasonable to own one.

Don’t get me wrong, if you have the money to spend and want to be one of the few that gets to use this revolutionary new device, more power to you. For me, if the money I spent was extra money, I would probably keep it but I’d rather wait until it hits a more reasonable price point or has additional features I cannot access elsewhere making it worth the hefty price tag. Many consumers such as myself have purchased Google Glass and did not return it within the 30 days, you can find it with a better price tag on Ebay and I may do that also in the near future and after I get my refund of $1680.

Please leave what you'd pay for this device, maybe it will give Google an Idea on a fair price point for the general consumer.


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