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Are These Reconnect With Your Classmate Sites For Real?

Updated on April 29, 2010


Admittedly I have a rocky connection with past classmates and I’m always sitting on the fence when I see a new “friend” request come in on Facebook from someone from my school days. I guess I still think it’s going to be a trick and someone is going to jump me from behind when I accept the request or something but usually with Facebook I can sort of see what the person looks like now and therefore make a highly subjective uneducated decision as to whether or not this person wants to still torment me or if they were indeed a pal back in the day and it’s nice to reconnect with them. I must admit that many of them I have never even heard of to the best of my knowledge and I admit having to drag out a  yearbook to see what they looked like back then to see if I can remember them at all. But it’s not Facebook that is the problem (for once) it’s the other sites that try to convince you that someone from your past has left you a message and wants to reconnect with you. Are these reconnect with your classmates sites for real? – Don’t Get Me Started!

Before I joined Facebook I did join at the urging of some emails that kept coming to me telling me that someone was trying to contact me. It ended up that someone indeed was trying to get in touch with me and we have reconnected (although now we’re also connected through Facebook so I have no idea why I keep the “premium membership” with but I do). But recently another website that sort of looks like has been sending me all these names from my past that are supposedly trying to get in touch with me. Now I know from being a “premium member” of that if you even click on someone’s name it tells them that you “signed their guestbook” or something so I have to wonder if this isn’t the same case with this new website that has been contacting me.

Still, the cast of characters that are supposedly trying to get in touch with me from this new site are quite intriguing. A couple are past bullies and some are people’s names that I can remember more than I can remember them and then there are one or two that I have no recollection of at all. Some of my past mental scaring wants to believe that the bullies and in fact all of the other people who have supposedly been trying to contact me are doing so to apologize, reconnect or tell me that they were always in love with me in high school and are now billionaires who were inspired to make their fortunes so that one day I would join them in the world of their private Prada plane and shower me with gifts. (All the while not making me give up my spouse of twenty-one years but sending the new Bentley as a fond remembrance gift and some trips to some exotic locales where I can be pampered by them but not had by them – shut up, a boy can dream)

This all takes me back to something I’ve written about before. My twenty year high school reunion was a cathartic experience for me and one member of my class who didn’t make it to the reunion but contacted me later was a pal who had the best comment ever. The mutual person who put us back in contact with one another told me that the pal had said, “Whatever happened to Scott? I always thought he would have had Matthew Broderick’s career by now.” So did I. I think that’s what most of the new crop of looky loos is, people who wonder if I have Matthew Broderick’s career and so they click on my name and then the site sends me the email stating that someone is looking for me all the while asking me to pay the $29.95 to find out what the person had to say or why they’re contacting me. So far I’ve been able to hold out. I tried to cross reference some of them only to find that they aren’t on Facebook where I could connect with them for free. But I must admit that every time I get one of these emails it does pique my curiosity. But I think it’s going to have to be someone I really remember and/or really liked before I join another classmates site. So the question remains. Are these reconnect with your classmates sites for real? – Don’t Get Me Started!

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