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Are Video Projectors better than Flat screen Tv's?

Updated on May 26, 2009

Almost everywhere you look these day you will see articles and adverts discussing and presenting, flat screen TV’s, home theaters and video projectors, they are everywhere and they are confusing.

Well that isn’t exactly true, flat screen TV’s are pretty simple on the surface they are what they say they are TV’s which are flat and usually wide, although when you start to look deeper the water does muddy.

Sony Bravia HD VPL-VW200
Sony Bravia HD VPL-VW200

What do you prefer a Video Projector or a Flat screen TV?

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Then there are home theaters which of course can be flat screen TV’s with a sound system added, but the term usually refers to a more sophisticated arrangement and comes with some sort of projector, let’s take a deep breath and look at Home theaters with video projectors.

The first thing to ponder is size and we are not talking about the size of your home theater equipment these babies use projection and it would be useless to use a projection system if you haven’t got space.

How do you choose the best system for you – well it is easy, every system has a variety of screen and lens sizes and better still all of the newer systems have zoom lenses, and when you examine a projection system you will learn the size of the room that it can be used in.

One thing to bear in mind when you are ready to buy and that is resolution there are a number of resolutions to choose from but the best to choose is 1920x1080 it is perfect for HD viewing and gives pin sharp images no matter what you are viewing from, HD DVD or Blu-ray. The one draw back is the cost, but then you don’t buy a home theater set up everyday do you and cost should always be secondary to quality.

If you are willing to buy one of these projectors expect to pay between at least $500 for a good quality 1920x1080 theater projector. You can allways check for what's for sale on eBay by following this link and you may find yourself a bargain.


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