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Are books being replaced?

Updated on January 22, 2015

Is technology replacing books?

We've come a long way from scrolls and the first printing press, but is it even possible to totally replace books? I think it's possible, we've seen it happen with the newspaper and our postal system, we don't need any of those things any more. We text to communicate and watch the news on TV (or read it on our phones). And now we do most of our reading on our tablets and smart phones too. And in my opinion, its great, I have all my reading material on one device and I wont have to go searching around the house for all my other books. If books are really being replaced, should we get rid of them?

Should we get rid of books?

Now some people may really like having a physical book in their hands to read but if new technology keeps appearing then we may just have to say bye to books and libraries. But should we start getting rid of books now? It's probably going to happen at one point or another but should we keep books around for a little bit longer?

Pros: If we stopped making books this would almost eliminate all the paper products that are being made. This, in turn, would allow us to focus on reestablishing forests and making a greener planet.

Cons: If we stopped making books this would drastically reduce the number of jobs, jobs that the economy needs right now. This would put paper companies almost out of business.

Keeping books around for a while might give people jobs but what about the ecosystem? We need to start planting trees and allowing forests to grow so that way animals have shelter and we have cleaner air.l

should we only use tablets to read on or keep books?

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