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Are Our Kids Too Dependent on Technology?

Updated on February 20, 2018

Our children are growing up in a world where technology is moving at a fast pace. Gone are the days of going to the library or researching an answer in an encyclopedia, kids today have the answers at their fingertips. Although this now part of their everyday lives, sadly, using their imagination through physical and emotional play dosent seem to be as popular as it was a few decades ago.

When schools are cutting back on physical exercise activities within the curriculum, the need for children to experience the park, climbing trees and making up games with their friends dosent seem so common anymore. Sadly, the iPad seems to be the go to babysitting tool for some parents.

Statistics show that as our children progress through their school career, technology knowledge is encouraged but I believe, equally outdoor activities are just as important.

Twenty plus years ago, it was common to see kids outside riding bikes, climbing trees and using their imaginations to make up their own games, but sadly now, this rarely happens.

Community help

Parents have always worried about their kids being out of sight and after speaking with some of the elder relatives in my family, they shared with me that most parents from our working class area had to work and relied on older siblings or neighbors to look out for each other. Parents were aware of dangers but back then, but they were not exposed to it as parents are now. Sadly now, every day we hear on the television, online and radio about child abductions, domestic violence against children and it has made us more aware what is happening in our communities which is essential at the present time.

I do believe there can be a balance so that our younger generation can experience the joys of outside play time and innocence, along with being made aware of potential dangers we are now sadly aware of.


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