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Are people utilizing the power of VoIP?

Updated on August 11, 2011

The Under Utilization of VoIP

In today's world as technology becomes more accessible to the common man with the availability of smartphones, free app downloads and widespread information about VoIP, one would think that the benefits of using VoIP would quickly trickle down to everyone. However, this doesn't seem to be the case and many individuals still either don't understand the benefits of VoIP or are happy with the way things are. The latter is probably true and is the reason why so many unfair and exploitative activities still find traction in the telecom industry today.

For example, a significant number of people find it difficult to work outside their desk because they're used to the phone which is tied down. The extensions to their colleagues are wired into it and the number which people use to get in touch with them is linked to that device. It's sad because so much productivity is lost when a person can't work to their full potential outside the office, while in the car for example.

People still face the problem of carrying multiple cell phones and don't see anything wrong with it - until you make them think about whether or not they keep several email IDs for different devices or use the same one consistently. When you put it in that perspective, it's obvious which is better.

VoIP Phone Systems
VoIP Phone Systems

Using VoIP to its full potential

Making use of VoIP technology can solve many of the problems people face today in working away from the desk. This is true regardless of whether or not their company subscribes to a scalable Business VoIP hosted service though naturally it helps if it's integrated with your firm. If so, then extensions etc can all be centrally managed and you can replicate exactly the same experience of using VoIP on your smartphone that you get using your office line.

Calls to your office will be routed to either your home phone or your smartphone when you're on the move. In addition, you have full access to any voicemail people leave for you either via email or through the VoIP interface. You can also use the same application to chat with your colleagues whom you can see online depending on their status. In the case of some VoIP apps like Google voice, you don't even need a separate data plan since Google routes it through the Internet for you.

Understanding these benefits will allow the switch to hosted PBX phone systems to be much easier. Contact your ITSP to learn how to get started. You can initiate and start making calls with your new VoIP plan in as little as 15 minutes.


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