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Robots replacing humans?

Updated on July 11, 2017

New ¨media¨ creators

Artificial intelligence, which many people once though as just science fiction, has started to evolve more rapidly than we ever expected. There are more and more companies trying to develop the ones that could someday improve our daily lives. Who knows, we could even be having a blast just like The Jetsons! This is no exception for the UK and Ireland news agency ¨The Press Association¨, which is being financed for the amount of 700,000 euros by none other than Google in their effort to create a new software that could change the news telling industry as we know it. But what is it exactly this revolutionary proposal?

The news have always played an important part in our lives.
The news have always played an important part in our lives.

What´s the whole deal?

The project ¨RADAR¨(Reporters And Data And Robots) has the objective of creating with the help of Urbs Media a sophisticated program able to convert data into content which will be later published automatically without any help from humans. RADAR has the goal of producing over 30,000 stories per month! This would come in handy to complete all the empty gaps that would normally be left by reporters. But with this software creating a more efficient work than mere humans, it appears the risk of workers from getting replaced.

Similar projects:

It is important to clarify that there have been other attempts in the past relating to this subject in the newspaper industry. A couple of years ago, ¨The Associated Press¨anounced that they were working on a project similar to RADAR: ¨Wordsmith¨was created by Automatic OInsights and was able to write an astonishing 1.500 million of articles. Now that´s writing skills!

Pros & Cons

This new content creator raises a huge amount of controversies. This new implement would guarantee the efficiency to redact fresh new headlines for newspaper companies, as well as cost reductions by decreasing a decent amount of workers at the writing team. In the other hand, getting rid of real and authentic people from writing each of their stories would eliminate the authenticity and passion that are reflected in each word and article. The different viewing points in the most trending topics occurring worldwide and the huge varieties of writing styles are one of the bases that make the news as intriguing as they are.

What do you think?

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BartoX Opinion

Being a huge lover when it comes to technological advances, I am amazed at how computer intelligence has come to a point where its almost able to replace people´s jobs that we imagined impossible in a not such distance past. But it is crucial to understand that the effort and passion that we human beings create with our emotions and opinions are far over superior form these machines, allowing us to have a better communication with other like us....... for now.

Extra Video!

It is important to be aware of the huge evolution in technology advancements and prepare for the huge movement of new systems that are most likely to take a huge part in our future lives. They might even help you in your chores you just don´t like to do! I hope you enjoy this Hub and don´t forget to follow me for more interesting news.


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