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Are we turning into 'robots' in this technological age?

Updated on September 20, 2016

A tiny seed becomes a huge tree!

A tiny seed of ‘banyan’ became a huge tree in the course of few years! How was that possible? Can a seed contain such a big tree? No! The seed contained the basic DNA or blue print of the future tree. Many forces went into action into the growth of such a big tree which after flowering produces thousands of such seeds! The earth, water, air, sunshine and space-All these contributed to the growth of the big banyan tree from the tiny seed! Are you not astounded by nature’s miracle? Every little thing in the world is a big miracle of God? How, out of nothing came the entire creation and cosmos which contains billions and billions of stars, many galaxies which have not been explored so far. What the electron microscope and telescope could peep into the vastness of space is only a ‘miniscule’ compared to the infinite nature of space itself!

Today, we glorify the scientists for their innovations which has made interconnection of entire global network. Any Tom, Dick and Henry could access any information about anything on earth by the click of the mouse! Yes, we all appreciate and salute such intelligentsia forever! Alfred Nobel discovered ‘dynamite’. At that time, he might not have thought that the invention will be put to destructive use! No scientist will clamor for the destruction of the beautiful universe! But look at the enormous stockpiling of atomic materials all around the world. Even if by mistake, there is triggering of atomic system anywhere, the globe will be annihilated instantly. Hence those who have stockpiled the destructive bombs started contemplating about the safety of environment and the manifold beings in the earth, ocean and sky. They have made some temporary truce stating “no first use’ condition.

Tiny seed becomes a huge tree!

Spread of terrorism due to innovative technology tools!

Man is considered the most intelligent species on earth! With his intellectual capabilities and discriminating faculties, man has made this earth not suitable for peaceful dwelling. Terrorist outfits are vying with each other to remove anybody who is considered inimical to their philosophy. They have only one aim, ‘loot and kill’. In addition they quote the religious teachings in support of their activities! Nowhere in any of the religious scriptures, is terrorism and killing advocated. It clearly shows that they have not understood the teachings of their religion and falsely take support from religious texts.

For the spread of global terrorism, we can only blame the scientific advancement and information technology strides. Initially, the entire world was attracted to the strides of IT sector and the Information super highway, it enabled. After years of entanglement with the internet, many started thinking; it is a very dangerous tool in the hands of criminals, terrorists, toots and frauds! The triggering of bombs at various places around the globe was possible solely due to advanced communication technologies such as mobile and internet. Hence, any terrorist hiding in any corner of the earth can issue instructions to his group, operating in several countries of the world. To prove the involvement of particular group in any terror activities has become a great head ache for the sleuths who investigate such crimes. Hence it takes years to convict the people involved in terror! Certain countries protect those terrorists in order to browbeat the neighboring peace loving countries. India has suffered much due to terrorists operating beyond their border. Systematic training is given by the armed forces of some countries to promote such activities in the neighbor countries!

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Are we becoming mere 'robots'?

Now, the entire world is suffering due to the activities of misguided terrorists. They are law unto their own. Their only aim is to spread terrorism to several countries and forcefully occupy such countries! There are so many intellectuals in every country. But each political leader considers him immune to such advice. Is it not true that the terrorists were once shielded in some countries and they have become a menace to the very countries in which they were nurtured! Those countries which exported terrorism are the very countries who suffer much due to those terrorists. When the military shield such terrorists, what the political leader can do? A nation, once ruled by Military cannot easily revert back to democracy! Now, those countries are fighting terrorist outfits in all their borders! Where is the time for governance? Their entire energy and resources are spent in safe guarding the leaders more than the poor citizens! No nation with terrorists hiding there can progress!

In important world forums, the voices of many leaders are vociferous now! All the leaders want to end terrorism from their territories! But how they will achieve it since it was nurtured by them once! No action will remain without result. The policies proclaimed by many leaders are to safeguard their nation from terrorist. When the terrorists are spreading their vicious tentacles all over the globe, how one nation can become free from terrorism? We boast that the world has become a ‘global village’ due to the penetration of information technology and internet. The time is not far off that the world will remain as a village due to the onslaught of technological tools sane the welfare of the people. Surely, everyone will become a ‘robot’ than an intelligent human being!

We are becoming robots!


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