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Are you writing for a NICHE in a way GOOGLE can see your hub?

Updated on November 30, 2011

market segmentation

I should say it straight way: Write for a niche! Market segmentation is a very useful technique, even more important than adding the keywords to your meta tags or even selected a proper title.

Selecting a good niche is an important point, because it's more likely to succeed as a publisher whenever you target your market

But you are asking yourself why on earth your pages never happen to appear on Google's results if you have already follow the niche strategy. Maybe Google disagree with you and don't consider your subject as a niche.

Google's Niche

Google don't see niches in the same way marketing does. Google is a non-human interface, it is a computer system based on thousands of dumb computers. Then, its logic is restricted to what a computer can understand and process.

For this reason, Google see a niche as multiple intersections of sets, one after another:


where A= is the set of all pages related to a certain keyword.

Then the Google engine see a niche as combination of many keywords, in process that resembles a user refining its search query.

If the variable n tends to infinity the result query will probably not match any documents .

Let's see it from a practical perspective:

If you search Google for the keyword JOB it returns about 3,600,000,000 documents, so the set A1, i.e, all pages related to the keyword JOB has about 3.6 billion possible results.

Keyword Jobs

Now, let's narrow down the search a little bit and see if I could find a smaller segment because Google assigned JOBs to a huge segment of pages.

Improving our query I will add the keyword Analyst, searching for an analyst job.

keyword Jobs Analyst

Now the segment I select is about 360 million pages. It's smaller, but not enough to be considered as a niche. As a publisher you still have no chances to compete with others sites because it more likely you loose the competition.

Let's restrict it and add two keywords: computer and a small town called alpaugh

Keyword Jobs Analyst computer Alpaugh

Now the segment I select is about 38,7 thousands pages. Here is something that google consider as a niche. Of couse page rank still valid, but you will not have to compete with 3,6 billion pages!

You can try other combination in order to find a niche as well. But remember, it's not easy to find a niche in Google, mainly for English pages. For other idioms it's more likely to find a good niche, because such languages have much less number of pages available on Internet.

Then if you write a hub, or a post. Take care to choose not only a good title, but to use keywords that represents a small segment in Google engine.


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    • prairieprincess profile image

      Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from Canada

      Ahazell, very interesting way of looking at it: from the Google robot's point-of-view. Thanks for this informative article.

    • tjml profile image

      tjml 6 years ago

      Your hub is very interesting and meaningful, you explained the Google strategy in your own words. I understand that you want to say that don't get involved in high competition and get some traffic without any effort. I am doing this and got some good result. Thank you so much.

    • ahazell profile image

      ahazell 6 years ago from Brazil

      I was not considering adsense when I whote this hub. I was just trying to show an experiment I did. Maybe I should not have mentioned words such as niche our marketing segmentation. But ok, english is not my native language. It's not easy to choose the right words ;-)

    • LindaSmith1 profile image

      LindaSmith1 6 years ago from USA

      The information is not quite correct. I takes much more than that. There are niches, micro niches. While you are at it, low or high competition, amount advertisers pay for certain keywords, keywords, tags are very important. Page rankings of sites on first page, etc. pay to be at the top spot, others listings on first page are organic. You may want to revamp and correct errors in hub.