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Are your ready for the new Mozilla smart phone?

Updated on July 5, 2012

Mozilla smart phone

In early 2013, the smart phone market will be expanded with a release of smart phones powered with the new Firefox OS. Gregg Keizer of announces that Mozilla has been working on Firefox OS for more that a year.

The new smart phones will be manufactured by Hong Kong’s TCL Communication Technology and China’s ZTE.

Germany Deutsche Telekom, Abu Dhabi’s Etisalat, Smart Communication in the Philippines, Sprint in the U.S., Italy’s Telecom Italia, Spain’s Telefonica and Norway’s Teleron are reported to have pledged support for Firefox OS that will allow Mozilla to compete with Apple’s iOS.

A still being developed standard HTML5 has been used to build the operating system. According to the report of Gregg Keizer, “ each phone feature or function – including calling and text messaging – is a separate HTML application that runs within the browser-based operating system.” The hardware of the device will be accessible through new Web-based APIs (application programming interfaces).

Some partner, including Sprint, Telefonica and Telenor, consider the collaboration as highly advantageous, because Mozilla’s Firefox OS may enable them to provide users with a cheaper alternative to current devices.

Smart phones manufacturers will not be charged for Firefox OS, which means that it “can be customized by hardware manufacturers or carriers.”

Different opinions are stated about the future release of the OS. Some believe that the fresh systems program will not differ from Android, which is already losing user’s interest in it. Al Hilwa, an analyst with IDC, on the contrary, states that people would like to have a wider variety of choice than just two OS such as Apple and Android. However, he adds that, without sufficient support of the carriers, the new project may not last long.


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