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Art of Being an Exceptional Web Designer

Updated on March 2, 2015

web design

Art of being an exceptional web designer

In this digital age where e-commerce sites have taken over traditional market. Every one has realized the importance of online presence for their services and most basic thing for it is to have websites.This has increased demand of web designers with many folds.

So below are the skills which will help in becoming first choice of the company

Photoshop: It’s a product of adobe This tool is used for editing photos, preparing layouts for the website and various other things such as logos, banners etc. And using this tool is not a rocket science, even simple graduate can use it and start their career in web designing. Photoshop default extension for files is called PSD (photoshop document ).


Web browser can read this HTML file and modify them into visible and audible Web pages.its basically a set of markup or codes put in the files designed for display on a world web browser page. HTML is a forewarning by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and is generally believed to by the major browsers, Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Netscape's Navigator, which also provide some additional non-standard codes. Cascading style sheets (CSS) its style sheet language use to give color, font in all it is used to give the look and feel of web sites

HTML and CSS | Source

JS and AJAX:

To grow a career in web designing good knowledge of javascript is also required. It creates a base to engage the viewer and use of good javascript leaves a good impression in the mind of the viewer which increase the probability of their revisit . In all javascript is the object scripting language used along with HTML to give life and more greatness to web pages. It can be used to for creating games, APIs, scrolling abilities and much more. AJAX its stands for “Asynchronous JavaScript and XML” Once HTml document is loaded AJAX loads the content from the server and replace the part of a document with it instead of re-loading document again and again. It makes the site more faster and user friendly.

Ajax | Source

Languages, Mysql DB:

If a designer has even 20-30 percent knowledge of languages like ( php, Asp, java) along with database functioning and controlling is best combination any company can get. Coding languages such as java, php , Asp are used to give actual functionality to websites they are generally used to develop admin of sites. And every website is hosted and server and consist of some data.Mysql is the open-source relational database management system that lets you store and retrieve that data as efficiently as possible. Web Applications which are using MySQL databases include: TYPO3, MODx, Joomla, WordPress, phpBB, MyBB, Drupal and other software.

mysql | Source


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