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Article Directories and Free Articles

Updated on May 11, 2011

Article Submission

Since everybody in the forums are talking about which are the best article directories to get quality backlinks I thought I would give my opinions and share the knowledge I have accumulated over the last 2 years in SEO.

I would like to start by emphasizing which websites shouldn't be mistaken for article directories or to put it in another way, which websites don't like to be associated with free article directories but offer similar features. To start with I would like to point out that Hubpages, Xomba and Squidoo are essentially not article directories but writing platforms that pride themselves on quality authors and take steps to prevent duplicate content and spam from appearing on them.

Many online publishers will be looking for a quick way to submit URL's rather than provide quality information to readers or they will only provide 'teasers' to what the viewer is actually looking for but in the long run it pays to get experienced at re-writing your knowledge in different styles because you can earn from each revenue program.

Articles Ezine

Ezine articles are great if you are looking for quality backlinks back to your website and the benefit of writing at Ezine article directory are that your posts gain a high ranking based on the PR of the site itself. Most people have heard of the term Ezine and the website categorizes itself as an online magazine rather a news site or writing community but this still means that you should write quality articles because it isn't a personal blog.

I have reviewed authors at Ezine and the article submission usually requires between 400 or more words that doesn't necessarily include images, you can include links within the text which I believe is limited to 2-3 and it will be reviewed by a moderator before posting.

Photo courtesy of stickergiant

Website Directory

You needn't search for a website directory to include you backlinks in because article directories will get your links organic traffic and referral traffic, article directories are also more likely to have higher PR's than most website directories that simply include hyperlinks and short descriptions.

Ehow is a popular article directory that promotes itself as offering useful pages full of explanations about how to do almost anything and like Ezine these don't regularly include as many image capsules as a quality hub. However the average Ehow article was also 400-500 words and you can include links but despite my personal favoritism of Hubpages over Ehow, you do how a 'can do' community and moderators who will review your content so be a contributor when publishing there and don't spam.

Photo courtesy of alishav

Wordpress Article Directory

Many people in the forum are also talking about Excerptz article directory, I know the owner of this site because he is a writer on Hubpages but I am not sure whether he calls it a revenue sharing site for writers or an article based site.

Excerptz is made using the Wordpress article directory plugin's you can find when you search 'Add New' under the plugins category in your Wordpress account. I in fact use a Wordpress article directory plugin and they are very effective at display the number of users currently registered and posting content.

If you write articles or product reviews about the latest Gizmos or technology then checkout my article directory 'Gizmospot' or if not then perhaps create your own niche article site using the Wordpress tips in the video below.


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