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What's in the Game of Internet Advertising?

Updated on November 30, 2013

Mobile Marketing, Article Writing, and Digital Magic

Copywriters for Hire

"Article Marketing" Demystified
Article marketing for business means putting an article onto the Internet, which is designed to be not only interesting, but also something that will put into the minds of potential customers the idea that looking into your business, perhaps by clicking on a hyperlink in the article, could benefit the customer no end.

Why article marketing is important also leads to a discussion of why the quality of the article itself is important, if it is to be of any real use to your company. For example, someone using a mobile device to read your company's article wants quick, personal results from the time spent.

Warming Up the Audience
People keenly researching anything on the Internet can grow impatient with the lack of information that on data one would expect to find right away. The eyes grow tired as an icy chill deadens the enthusiasm.

For example, a consumer considering a major purchase of one of your business' main products may want to know prices, reviews, and the latest news about such products. In doing a word search, the consumer typically will bypass the ads as being biased, and open the first few links that seem relevant, hoping to get an objective, straight to the point, appraisal of what's most important to shoppers looking for your company's products.

If the consumer opens three or four links, only to find that the content he or she is forced to read is full of meaningless generalities and irrelevant verbiage, probably such consumers would restate their word searches and, if still patient enough, go around the same frustrating circle of reading one or two more times before shutting down the computer and deciding vowing off the Misinformation Highway.

However, if the same consumers come upon an article that comes straight to the point they want and covers all the things relevant to them and their family, the Internet research, just as in any other game of hide and seek, suddenly will become "warm." If also, the article provides an enticing word or two, written in iridescent blue to indicate a hyperlink, then chances are, the consumer will aim and click, in which case, as we say in show business, "You're on." That means the consumer has come straight into your company website, so make it a good one--for example, you should be easy to contact and not intimidating at all.

From the Horse's Mouth
As a copywriter in the field of article marketing for business, I have written at least two different kinds of articles. For example:

  • I've done ones that required research which was such dull reading that I was able to daydream about anything I wanted while mechanically and mindlessly clicking the keys on the keyboard (and I've received rejections from business owners who did not like what I wrote).
  • However, I've done articles for other businesses which were fun to write because they allowed me to use wisdom and humor, together with all the relevant facts for consumers (and I've received compliments on my imagination as well as payment for my work).

As a business owner, you most likely would want to look for the second kind of article, because that would be the one that can earn the clicks, show up in word searches, and bring the best kind of customer to you--that is, one who already strongly suspects that you and your company are the sort of people a smart customer should trust.

Successful article marketing for business really has no secret at all. The key point is to make the article helpful to your potential customers. If the article is considerate enough to get straight to the point of what people need in a friendly way, then by the time the customer contacts you, the stage is already set for you to take over.

Article marketing for business can bring to your company those customers who are seeking your expertise. You will ride this new wave, typical of our changing business world where customers rely on the Internet.

Even in days of antiquity, however, there never was a good substitute for honest marketing. If an article or any advertisement rings false, it can kill a business' chances. But if it's considerate, smart, and personable, it can lead to a warm reception on the way to success. That's what creative article marketing for business is all about.

A Philosophical Shakespeare

Business vs. Literature

It's safe to say that a scholar isn't an advertising copywriter. To that point, many will abhor the ads placed by email websites, Q&A sites, and just about everywhere interesting reading appears on the Internet. It's because many readers are searching for depth of thought rather than banners about money aimed at inducing purchases.

The problem is that the business community that approves the ads isn't interested in philosophy or eloquence, wit or entertainment aimed at intellectuals. Their interest is money for themselves through advertising aimed at customers interested in the acquisition of possessions.

There's no time for customers interested in reading Shakespeare or serious writers. But tragically, those are the kinds of writers who try their hand at Internet writing, only to find that it's not for them.

To improve the quality of Internet advertising a change first would have to be made in the entire culture of the country, if not of the whole world. To many, philosophical writers are worth nothing outside the realm of universities or colleges where people study the liberal arts such as literature. In fact, there's a revulsion to this on the part of most people in the world because it seems like a luxury.

Journalism and advertising are far removed from the appreciation of great literature. But human interest angles are what sell in advertising. Hopefully, some day soon, the Internet will contain ads more entertaining.

There's one more aspect to the business world's frustration, however. Most Americans are glutted with so many possessions cluttering up their homes and garages that the last thing they want to see is an ad on the Internet. No matter how well written the ad will be an annoyance.

But advertising keeps the Internet alive by making money flow through it. The companies responsible for bringing the Internet to people want to sell advertising. The companies paying for the advertising want to put on their own versions of ads that they believe will persuade the consumers.

Very few consumers, in fact very few people anywhere in the world, are expecting to see on the Internet an article, whether designed toward marketing or not, containing the emotional impact or eloquence of Shakespeare, Faulkner, or Steinbeck. But to harness the intellectual energy of writers who appreciate and aspire to be great, the business community in its advertising on the Internet would have to connect somehow to that resource. Whoever can do it first would begin a new era of advertising in the age of technology.


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