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Article Spinning, Homogenized Content and the Halo Effect

Updated on July 22, 2010

Article Spinning and Homogenized Content

Over time Article marketing has proven itself to be a highly effective SEO tactic. Not only can it help to identify the author as an expert in their field it’s a perfect way to build valuable one way inbound links to your site or blog. Links are essential if you want to achieve first page search engine rankings and drive targeted consumers to your information or online shop. A well written article can also help differentiate your company or products from those of your direct competitors.

However, when it comes down to cloning thousands of articles through the use of article spinning software how many spun articles truly retain efforts to differentiate, and what about overall strategy i.e. the objective that the original document embraced. Can these elements endure the spinning process or is it purely a tactic to build links?

While it is claimed that article spinning can produce content that is grammatically correct, that doesn’t mean it reads well or is capable of motivating the reader, presumably a potential customer, to follow any call to action that may be set out for them. In authoring the original document the most suitable language to reach the desired conclusion should have been used, if not spinning a few thousand clone articles will hardly improve maters. It is my opinion that even in the most expert hands article spinning only serves to produce a homogenized series of articles that lack the emotion, strategy and flow of the original.

Article Spinning and the Halo Effect

‘Halo Effect’ is a term that originates from the study of social psychology and rationalizes why our first impressions of other people can sway other beliefs we hold about those people. In human resources recruitment it refers to the risk of an interviewer failing to select the correct candidate for a post because they were swayed by a singularly positive trait of an interviewee.

The positive consumer response to Apple’s iPod spread a positive Halo over other Apple poducts and single handedly revitalize their failing computer sales. Similarly, a well written article can positively impact how someone thinks about you, your organization and the services you provide. Conversely, it is equally true that a poorly spun article could create a negative Halo, imagine the potential damage that a thousand badly spun articles could do to you or your organizations credibility.

The opportunity to communicate with your target audience out-with your own website has grown exponentially over the last few years along with the popularity of social media sites. There are now literally thousands of sites where authors can post articles to promote themselves or their organization. There are so many that it would most likely take an entire team of copywriters a lifetime to write a single unique article for each and every one.

Search engines view many of these sites as authoritative making them attractive targets for backlinking purposes. In an effort to cover as many bases as possible some article marketers misguidedly fell for the hype and turned to article spinning, foregoing quality in preference to quantity. The final results are a bland picture of run of the mill people and run of the mill products.

Yet their is another piece of software capable of continually creating fresh and interesting content, an article spinning tool so superior to anything else on the market that it can make the ordinary sound extraordinary, a piece of software so sophisticated it that has taken millennia to evolve. You already have it should you care to use it… the brain.

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    • Peter Hoggan profile image

      Peter Hoggan 7 years ago from Scotland

      Dan, I have said this to you before, but I will say it again anyway. I currently outrank every page other than Wiki for the term "article spinning". This was achieved by syndicating a handful of articles. None of them spun. So, if article spinning is so effective why does my hub outrank all of the pro spinning stuff that is targeting that keyphrase. Try and get your brain round that one if you can.

      I would love to hear your answer.

    • profile image

      Dan 7 years ago

      Your brain can help but a spinner will give you an extar advantage.

    • Peter Hoggan profile image

      Peter Hoggan 8 years ago from Scotland

      Thanks for commenting nick247, and I agree the internet would be a better place without spun content.

    • nick247 profile image

      nick247 8 years ago from United Kingdom

      This is really interesting. Aside from the 'negative halo' effect, don't you think it's also important not to clog up the internet with a whole load of useless content? Better for everyone not to spin articles I would think..