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Artificial Intelligence(AI) in computer

Updated on September 19, 2011

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is the study of how to make computers think and perform. The ability of computer to understand natural language, speak command, capacity to see surrounding and have thinking power, is called Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Research into the areas of learning of language and of sensory perception ( sense understanding) have aided scientists in building intelligent machines. One of the most challenging approaches facing experts is building systems that mimic the behavior of the human brain,made up of billions of neurons and arguably the most complex matter in the universe. For AI purpose , natural languages such LISP(List Processing) and PROLOG (Programming Logic).

Application areas of AI:-

1. Expert systems: An expert system is software based on certain concepts of AI that acts as a consultant or an expert, in a specific field, topic or discipline to solve a problem or make a decision. Expert systems are also referred as Knowledge-based systems. They can offer opinions, suggest possible diagnoses and suggest various solutions to a problem.

2. Robotics: Robotics is the area of study dealing with the design, construction and operation of robots. A robot is a machine that can be programmed to carry out a complex task. Robots are used for dangerous jobs, such as bomb disposal,ocean exploration,outer-space probes, cleanup of a chemical or nuclear accident,etc.

3. Voice recognition: The computer with voice recognition accepts data or instructions by having commands spoken into the computer's microphone.

4. Problem solving: Problem solving is the process of identifying a problem, recognizing it's major characteristics, formulating a solution plan, dividing the problem into smaller parts,assigning those parts to be solved, solving each part and finally combining the individual solutions into the solution of the original problem.

5. Natural language processing(NLP) : It is the ability of the computer to understand and translate natural (everyday) language.

6. Logic and Inference: AI is used to make deductions and then to draw inferences.

7. Search:

* Finding an object within a collection of objects.

*Finding a preferred answer or best answer to a problem.

*Finding the winning strategy in a game.

*Finding a sequence of operations by which to solve a problem(puzzle)


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