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Asus EEE Slate EP121 Review from a 4 month user.

Updated on November 4, 2011

Asus EEE Slate EP121

In June before the school started i decided i need a tablet for college to make submitting online homework's easier. Really, there was only 1 choice "iPad" at that time and I wanted an iPad, but with Windows to be able to save files i need and to use Microsoft office products. After Googling "tablet with windows" i came across an ASUS EEE Slate EP121, which was what i looked for all this time. An iPad like tablet with full Windows 7. The price was very high though, i found it for $1,200 from B&H in NY, since i also live in NY. I sold my own laptop and with the money i had for iPad, i was able to purchase this item. The truth is when i heard ASUS, i was like "Oh, Boy. Can i trust this guys?"

Watching and Reading Reviews

I went ahead and did a little bit more research about the EP121. I watched videos on Youtube, read reviews on Hubpages and so on. All the reviews were only positive and i said "Well, if everyone likes it, i will go ahead and buy it."

The only problem was that i was searching for reviews under "ep121" and thats why i got all the positive feedbacks from online sellers who only want to sell that $1,200 junk. After having problems with my ASUS i searched for "Asus slate ep121 doesnt work", i was surprised how many people are complaining about it. Only if i was smart enough to search for the right keywords before investing that much money in something that will be useless in four months.

I was happy at first, but after 30 Days I said "Oh my GOD!"

When i received my ASUS in the mail, my wife called me and said it's here. I was working that day and after work i rushed home to finally be able my EEE Slate ep121. Believe me, i was very happy the first month, even though the sensitivity of the touch screen is not as sensitive as iPad, i was still happy. The leather case is a very cheap quality and the keyboard is so big, but i was still happy until one day it stopped working. It was about 1 month and 10 days when the ASUS ep121 suddenly stopped working. I tried everything, including charging, restarting, rebooting, nothing helped. The next morning i was ready to call B&H and the ASUS warranty, but when i went to turn it on, miracle happened and it turned on by itself. I was surprised but didnt pay attention, because i was still happy. On October 20th, when i was preparing for my MATH class ( i was reading and doing problems online, because i purchased an online book thinking my ASUS will last me forever) the screen went black again. I was like " F*** this thing, man". I was hoping the next day it will come on as last time, but how wrong was I. Its been several weeks now and it's still in the same condition.

Charger shows as charging, but the screen never comes on

I called both B&H and ASUS

Since i purchased my ASUS ep121 in June 30th 2011 and B&H had a 30 day return policy, obviously i couldnt get my money back, but i was advised to call ASUS warranty. I did as i was instructed and found the box, warranty card, all the paper works and called the number. At first i just wanted to fix this item, but then decided i want my money back, because if it keeps doing what it has done so far and after May 2012 if the tablet brakes, i am going to have to pay for the repair services. I am not making it up, the customer service agent told me that. I asked him if they would extend my warranty since it broke after just 4 months of use, to which he said "No!"

Well, i said, i want my money back in that case. Again i heard "NO!". I asked to speak to a manager to resolve it as soon as possible, but i was asked for my phone number, so they can call me back. I was promised to be contacted in 24-48 hours and it has been 144 hours or 6 Days since i called, but no one ever contacted me back.

I called ASUS back today and heard the same thing. Don't get me wrong, they want to fix the item, but how can i trust a company that doesn't even bother to call back its customers and the product that costs $1,200 (the price of two iPad 2's) breaks in 4 months.

Videos and Pictures of the item

I will put up some photos of the item and video for the item, so people can see i am not lying. I will also have the receipt there to show the date, but will make out the order number.


Just filed a complaint online with Guess what, i found out that just for this month there have been over 200 complaints against ASUS Computer International for their warranty problems, but the total complaints are almost 700. Rip Off. Heres a link:


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    • profile image

      bejugo 4 years ago

      I had a similar problem. The culprit was a quick fix... a little wire connection (that lights up the screen) had come out a bit. I pushed it in snugly, and i was back to normal. This happened a 2nd time... both times were after a drop or bang. I went in and pushed the little chord thing in all the way again.

    • profile image

      unknown 6 years ago

      They fixed mine twice already. It's a piece of sh*t

    • profile image

      Jordi 6 years ago

      Can anyone else back this guy up or is no one elsenhaving these problems?