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At&t Go Phone Review One Week Later

Updated on December 13, 2015

What is At&t Go Phone?

At&t Go Phone is At&t prepaid phone service. It is for users who really don't want pay a lot and dont need all the major features and data plans and contracts most of all. It is also for customers that are not into the high end markets for mobile devices and just need something to work for them. Maybe you are on this plan to just get by until you are able to move up to something better. Thats not a bad thing at all. At&t doesn't really have bad network at all. It has decent coverage. It really depends on your locations and destinations. The At&t Go Phone service has 3 options only for their plans. They have a $30 plan that only gives you Unlimited talk and text. If you need to add a small amount it will be $5 per 100MB. To me that is crazy and insane to be paying that much for add on data. But, if that is all you going to be needing, then so be it. The next plan up is what I tried which is $45 a month for Unlimited talk and text and included 1.5GB of data with roll over data. The fianl plan is the $60 a month plan that gives you Unlimited talk and text and data. With this plan you get the first 4 GB of high speed data with rolloever data. They also have a offer if you do auto refill, your monthly plan will get $5 off. With the At&t Go Phone smartphone you purchase with plan or service, you can share your via hotspot and you also can connect to WiFi hotspots. Also included on the smartphones are At&t's preloaded apps which are My At&t app, At&t address book, At&t Drive Mode, and At&t Locker app. Which, meh, who cares! Now I summed it all up what to expect. Here is my one week experience.

Here Is the Deal

For freaking out about not having my Nexus 6 while it was shipping out to Moto Care Center. I decided to get a decent phone that worked on At&t Go Phone. Since it been a while since I used a At&t prepaid plan, probably been 1o years this year now since I had one. I went to best buy and bought a Asus Zenfone 2E and got me a $45 Refill card and activated in store and got a new number. Now the sales lady told me their promotion they had going for Cyber Monday for new customers is that you will get a free month of service for purchasing a Go Phone and a refill card that day. It seems very interesting. So, my account will be credit $45 for January and last long to February. We'll see and Ill even update about that

Go Phone Refill


Data Speed

Now for the data speeds. Since I only tested the data speeds in my area, they were not all that. May I remind you that this is prepaid network and not full LTE. Although I do get full LTE signal on the phone I chose. The speeds were just hidious! On WiFi, the highest download speed I gotten on WiFi with At&t Go Phone was 4.69mps and the upload speeds were 1.28mps. On the data the highest I seen for download speeds was 5.85mps and upload speeds were 4.53mps. While I was using Project Fi, I haven't seen these type of speeds in like ever. Even while on T-Mobile or Sprints networks. That is because I was using their full LTE networks and not their prepaid plans. So of course the plans were going to run a little more expensive verses the prepaid deals. Now this is something to consider and think about as well.

Save up to $60 a year with autopay


Next the coverage, the coverage varies just like anything else. I had even downloaded an app that tells how the coverage is compared to other carriers. At&t was in 4th place out the big 4 carriers. I believe this is to be true as I only get anywhere between 2-3 bars in the house. When I was on the Fi Network, I was seeing full bars using T-Mobile and Sprint. Not only that, but my coverage in the are was twice as better than At&t. Maybe At&t just doens't like my area. Hmm... To me, it is just hard to believe that their service is weaker here compared to Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless? Now, I did travel outside my area and for the most part, and the coverage was decent. To be honest, I don't think it didn't matter at all due to the fact that I was using a prepaid service which means Im unable to get the full coverage as a customer on 2 year contract or postpaid.

At&t Go Phone Review Official Video

Closing Remarks

In closing, if you want the best coverage possible in your area, you get the best carrier. But you might not all the time get all coverage that is said that you would be getting. In wireless communications there will always be some type of gap to be filled. My final thoughts is dont get this prepaid plan unless you have to. Although if you did get this plan and service during black friday and cyber monday, you should have been offered 1 month of service for free at the time of purchase. Would recommend shopping around durning that time if you can. Check out other phones as well. So are you using At&t Go Phone? How is the service for you? Have you tried using a Cricket sim card in a normal At&t phone? What is that experience like? Leave all comments below. Thank you.


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