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Going to China? Going someplace where your internet activities might be monitored? Install this program to avoid the Sec

Updated on April 10, 2013

Average Joe meets Great Firewall


Ah yes, you are going to see a once in a lifetime event, the Olympics, hosted by China in its capitol , Beijing ;we start the packing process of major neccessities -bring your passport, tickets,digital camera, and of course your laptop...( intending on communicating with your friends and relatives and occasionally surfing the web)

However the average joe may not be aware of the phrase "the Great FireWall of China" and its implications to him. Certainly the anticapted 30,000 journalists and news media personal covering the Beijing Olympics are aware of it, as for months the Australia's Kevan Gosper, chairman of the IOC press commission for months "has repeatedly assured media organisations that they would have no internet restrictions during the Games..." when suddenly the Chinese government made an abrupt 180 degree turnabout in policy and stated it will have FULL internet restrictions in place "at the Beijing Games despite the international outcry of all major powers.

This sudden reversal on policy was reported on Aug. 1st 2008 by several major news agencys and the Australia's Kevan Gosper was quoted as saying "I have to accept that I appear to be the fall guy," he said, adding that he would take it up with IOC president Jaques Rogge at the earliest opportunity.

Asked if he believed there was any chance that the decision would be overturned, he replied: "No, none at all."

It Ain't Paranoid if it's true....

By the way, China asserted to the board that if Olympics Games were held in China it would improve human rights situations in China. The unrestricted news access was the carrot they held out to the committee; this shows China had won the Games on false pretences

But what does it mean to average Joe attending the Olympics? Why should he care if certain internet sites aren't available to him? It certainly can't hurt him if he has restricted access by the Great Firewall.

Well if you are of sufficiently paranoid mind (it ain't paranoid if it's true) you can certainly follow this process of thought; the Great firewall of China operates on a few principles namely 1) to neutralize critical online opinion of china's governmental policies 2) anti-pollution, and anti-corruption protests news will NOT be freely disseminated 3) no unlicensed (unapproved) news agencies or information sites can be accessed and 4) no Taiwanese or Dalai Lama sites are allowed. (this list is NOT complete but it covers major areas) China's golden shield primarily blocks known ip addresses, and engages in DNS poisoning (DNS cache poisoning is a maliciously created or unintended situation that provides data to a Domain Name Server that did not originate from authoritative DNS sources. This can happen through improper software design, misconfiguration of name servers and maliciously designed scenarios exploiting the traditionally open-architecture of the DNS system. Once a DNS server has received such non-authentic data and caches it for future performance increase, it is considered poisoned, supplying the non-authentic data to the clients of the server...excepted from Wikipedia)

My train of thought

Now follow my train of thought, there are approx 30 thousand Chinese Internet police* (Watts, Jonathan (2005-06-14). "China's secret Internet police target critics with web of propaganda". The Guardian.) vigorously enforcing their internet rules, however most of the enforcers let the system software handle routine areas as it physically impossible and impracticle for 30,000 internet police to view China's internet capable population. HOWEVER most of the foreign attendees (media people, tourists, and family) WILL NOT be staying at some out of the way house in Beijing, they will be primarily staying at the major Hotels or hosting areas in Beijing.

In my mind it's a no brainer to have a third of the enforcers (we divert policing resources all the time when we have major events in NYC- like the Superbowl parade) devoted their entire time to policing the internet activity coming from the aforementioned areas where are the foreigner are staying, I mean the foreigner's can only access a few internet access portals from there, how hard could it be to control and monitor those access points?


God forbid these ignorant loudmouth do-gooders see a human rights protest, and maybe a little police brutality on well deserved criminals to the republic who have the audacity to make their protests public! We can't have the well meaning (BUT STUPID) journalists reporting their biased recordings to the world ; its got to be edited and approved first by the government otherwise its breaking the law!

And if the average joe sees and records something we don't like, and tries to pass it through his laptop to the world, well, I guess we will have to do our duty and knock his door tonight. I mean the last guy who didn't do his duty (he was driving the tank that day in Tiananmen square and refused to run over the student protestor) was relieved of duty and shot, his family had to pay for the bullets used by the firing squad. Well that's good enough for me, nobody gets by on MY watch!

Tiananmen Square Student Heroics

Foil the Secret Police!

Anyway whats' the solution to this? Well in my opinion you must have UltraSurf (created by UltraReach Internet Corporation) installed on your computer.

Ultra Surf is the flagship software product from Ultra Reach Internet Corp. for the Internet anti-censorship. It enables users inside some countries (especially China) with heavy Internet censorship to visit any public web sites in the free world safely and freely.

Developed by a group of top scientists and engineers in computer and network with their creativity and expertise accumulated over many years at Ultra Reach, the latest release UltraSurf6 is a huge technological breakthrough that has overcome the deficiencies of many previous generations of proxy techniques, including the early versions of Ultra Reach products.

As the safety and convenience of the users being first priority, the most prominent features of Ultra Surf 6 are that it has implemented a complex proxy with complete transparency and ultra high level of encryption on Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) platform. UltraSurf6 enables users to browse any website freely just as same as using regular IE browser while it automatically searches the highest speed proxy servers backstage. During the whole process, all the contents being transferred are highly encrypted; the level of encryption exceeds the secure standard set for financial transaction such as online banking.

When Ultra Surf 6 is started, a golden lock icon appears at the lower right corner of the user's monitor and will remain there during the whole process when Ultra Surf is in operation. The appearance of the lock icon indicates that all IE based browsing is being protected under the ultra high level encryption provided by Ultra Surf. The so-called great-firewall which applied by the censors virtually disappeared instantaneously; gone are the unpopular, unpleasant "walls of Internet blockage" which the authorities put incredible amount of human and financial resource to build up. It appears to the users that the great firewalls becomes transparent and thus enable the users free to surf any websites in the world as they wish.

Ultra Surf 6 implements almost all browser functions based on HTTP an user needs, such as browsing websites, login and posting on web forums, using Web mail, uploading and downloading data files, real time audio, video and other multimedia programs, etc

Besides the lock icon on the lower-left corner on the screen when UltraSurf6 is started, the IE browser is also open with the homepage of Ultra Reach web portal, that is A user can also open IE to browse any website by himself. As long as the lock icon is on the screen, the newly opened IE browser is under the Ultra Surf protection with high degree of encryption, even though the website may not be the content from Ultra Reach homepage. User may simply click "Exit" on the UltraSurf6's interface to end the Ultra Surf program. The lock icon then disappears and IE browser is no longer under Ultra Surf protection at this point.

Facts of UltraSurf:

  • Service provided for 6 years
  • Millions of users
  • Users from over 150 countries
  • Daily hits over 300 million
  • Daily traffic over 5,000 GB

So pack your bags with everything else but don't forget to bring the Ultrasurf with you, its also free to use, (no charge for freedom) and a very small program that will provide relief of mind when it comes to communicating to the outside world from Beijing.


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      how to increase vertical 

      9 years ago

      Thanks for sharing the ideas..Its really a pertinent info.. This hubpage is very useful and filled with lots of interesting links

    • Mr Tinker profile imageAUTHOR

      Mr Tinker 

      10 years ago

      according to WikiAnswer there are 205 countries particiapting in the 2008 Olympics, for a full list of countries go here:


    • profile image


      10 years ago

      what counties are attending the olympics..?


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