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Augemented Reality- HTC Desire

Updated on March 20, 2011

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Smart Phones, do you need one? HTC Desire

Well, I'm only just beginning to understand that the world is moving along at a fast pace when it comes to technology and smartphones. In fact I have come to the conclusion that the stuff we the public have access to is really quite incredible, the market has some technology that I would deem still very much to come from the science fiction realm. I can't help wonder if this is what we have then what on earth does the government have access to?

So, I bought my HTC Desire a few months back. I very much needed a new phone and one with a good camera and access to the Internet would be an advantage. One unit with everything in it. Quite incredible that I hadn't truly realised how advanced things had got, though please excuse me all the techies out there. I know nothing, I'm just a country girl.

Right, the HTC Desire apparently is the phone that is the best for AR and for Internet accessibility. I have to say I agree with the Internet factor. It's easy to use, has a great sized screen (3.7 inches, 480 x 800 WVGA) and the screen touch is brilliant. I have a screen cover over mine and with the lightest of touch the phone responds to my fingers movement and I love the pinch-to-zoom capability.

The HTC Desire is powered using Android 2.1 (Eclair) with HTC Sense. There is a 5 megapixel digital camera, 720p High definition video capture, face detection capability, geotagging, GPRS and a digital compass. As well as these background running components there are of course the more familiar programs like Facebook, Peep (for Twitter), email facility, FM Radio, Music and much more.

To be honest, I love my new phone. I'm happy to have always had basic phones before but now I've upgraded I don't think I'll be going back at all.

Augment Your Reality

Right, so this is what I've learnt about Augmented Reality and really, be proud anyone who's had something to do with this technology!

AR basically overlays digital images onto the real world video images around us that we can view through our devices. An Augmented Reality device will use many background applications to run the final product. Your phone will need a high resolution camera for the live video aspect, a GPS connection including a digital compass to allow your position to be located. I believe this can still be a little approximate as the accuracy is not done to 100% but can be within 20-30m of your own position. I'm sure it won't take long until this is a precise measurement. So, you'll also need mobile broadband, a good amount of processing power for the graphics and a large color screen. Not that you'll be needing to sort out any of this as it will be in your machine already.

Think Terminator (only because I was watching Terminator 3 the other day), so through his glasses he had a stream of information relayed to him about his surroundings, facts and figures about an individual or vehicle. AR is the ability to project visuals, sound and potentially smell into the world you walk in; to enhance your experience of it.

Here's some of the things it's available for:

There are apps where you can overlay sat nav directions onto live video shot through the windshield of your car.

Apps that can locate the nearest ATM machine, or tube station, nearby crime hot spots.

Also by pointing your phone skywards there are apps that can tell you the flight number and destination of the planes overhead.

All this seems crazy enough but now there are computer games out there that use this technology to integrate real and virtual images into a hybridised version of reality. You could be playing a computer game in the streets of your city where you can interact with other locals using the same technology. There are graffiti apps that allow you to paint graffiti in this new world for others looking through their phone to see.

In New York at the World Trade Centre you can view the building through your phone, who knows what other developments are out there?

The Otterbox HTC Desire is For Those Who Need Added Protection

The Otterbox HTC Desire Commuter Series is definitely a superbly designed HTC case.

The Otterbox is for those who are perhaps abnormally clumsy (which I include myself in this category).

But this is most definitely a case for all those people who work in harsh environments but still need their phone with them at all times.

It's also the choice of people who do jobs in the outdoor pursuits sector as I have met quite a number who rely on the Otterbox to keep their phone sin tiptop condition.

So if you need a protective HTC case that will not let anything through to damage your phone then this is the choice for you.

Stylish Leather Protective Cases

For the person who like the look and feel of leather and wants to look stylish and sleek for the office or an appointment.

Then a HTC Desire leather case is the top choice for you.

The HTC Leather cases come in a number of different styles so there will be a perfect choice for you.

There are leather cases that open horizontally or vertically, there are those that have belt clip son the rear to attach to your belt loop and there are those that have flip lids for easy access to your phone.

All covers specifically designed for the HTC Desire will have had all ports cut out so that you will be able to access the ports and features on your phone.

The range of color’s is wide and there are a number of pink leather protective cases for those who just can't get enough of pink.

The HTC Desire Phone


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