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Augmented Reality, enhancing the reality

Updated on March 16, 2016

Augmented Reality

Augment itself means to enhance, so it means to enhance the reality of an platform unlike Virtual reality, where it is only limited to generate computer graphics. Augmented reality is a process of collecting data from multiple sources using wearable or other mobile devices and project them to an interactive platform. By interacting platform, I mean you can actually interact with the platform in real time.

Have you ever wondered seeing the old Sci-Fi movies that is future is really inspired by the movies or the movie makers already knew the future! Well they might not but what is happening now, is feels like a scene from fictional movie.If you remember Jarvis, the virtual assistant of Tony Stark then you will get the whole thing. Augmented reality is can be implemented to any mobile application and can be used through any AR glass and the most appropriate example for that is Google Glass , a glass that separates virtual and real by a fine line.

Google Glass can be your own virtual assistant, if you ever dreamed to be Iron Man. Various technologies are used to make an Augmented reality system, like a platform where we can project and monitor the data from the source. It can be head mounted display or can project in the glass itself It is no imagination it is really happening in this world. New ideas implement everyday not to test your Intelligence but to make your life simple. and by the use of augmented reality system you will never need to take your mobile out of your pocket again to check messages or to find hotels nearby. This thing will put your mobile or cameras to standby, why because you can shoot the things exactly the way you see them. You can record videos while jumping with a parachute or diving in the ocean.


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