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Australia Google AUS: Google Oz: Search, Webhp, English: www google com au

Updated on February 4, 2015

Google Australia (www google com au) is the Google search page for Australia. Google Australia homepage is the Classic Google homepage localized for Australian requirements. Google Aus ( allows you to make searches with an Australian bias, with AU Google in English.

Google AUS search is presented in English but it is possible to view AU Google in other languages. Just manipulate the Google com au webhp function to show Google OZ in another language. Using Firefox Australia you can view just Australian sites.

Australia Google looks like the Classic Google homepage except that the word 'Australia' is under the 'le' of Google and you can 'Go to'.

Google Australia in English
Google Australia in English

Google AUS (www google com au) Homepage - How To Get To OZ Google.

Google AU ( is available to you, as follows:

  1. Just type '' into your browser search window. This will take you to Google Aus direct if you browse in English from

  2. If you are Australia localized then just click the 'Go to Google Australia' link.

  3. Click on the Australian flag on GoogleTheGlobe.

  4. Add or change the “gl” parameter on the Google search URL, for example

Classic Google homepage with no country redirection or geotargeting is discussed in Search Google:Universal Search Google:Global Search Google: International Search Google:Worldwide Search Google by Humagaia.

A full list of Google functions available in Classic Google homepage is available at Google Classic Homepage by Humagaia.

GoogleTheGlobe (
GoogleTheGlobe (

Google OZ ( Homepage – What is on AUS Google?

The Google search functions available at the top left of Google AUS home page are: Images (search images); Videos(search videos); Maps (search for maps and directions); News(search for news); Books.

Google Gmail is available from AU Google homepage to access a Google Gmail account or to register for a free Google Gmail account.

Google OZ homepage also has a [more] linking to Translate, Scholar, Blogs, RealTime, YouTube, Calendar, Photos, Documents, Reader, Sites and Groups.

Google Australia in Italian
Google Australia in Italian

Google AU ( Homepage – Additional Functions

The Google AU page has links to:

  • iGoogle– switch to Google Australia iGoogle from Google OZ.

  • Search settings– manage subscribed links and update Google global preferences for interface language, number of returned results, search language, SafeSearch filtering, and manage your profile, personal settings and 'My products'.

Next to the Google Australia search entry box you can access 'Language tools' and 'Advanced search'.

Below the Australia Google search box you can access Google information about advertising programs, business solutions and 'About Google'.

Google Australia in Vietnamese
Google Australia in Vietnamese

Google AU ( Homepage – View AUS Google In Another Language.

For Google Australia in English:

For Google Australia in a language other than English just change the ISO 639-2 code of the 'hl=en' segment of the URL

which becomes:

for Australia Google in Italian.

A full set of URL's is given at the end of my Google UK article, after the comments section. Just change the '' to ''. Otherwise see the ISO 639-1 code list below (after the comments section).

Google Australia in Greek
Google Australia in Greek

Google AU (www google com au) Homepage – View Just Pages from Australia?

View just Australian sites by using the Google com au webhp function as follows:

An alternative is:

The Firefox browser is not necessary to be installed. Just set the Search 'pages from Australia' button as opposed to the Search 'the web' button.

Firefox version of Google Australia in English
Firefox version of Google Australia in English
Google Australia in Maltese
Google Australia in Maltese

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Google Australia in Arabic
Google Australia in Arabic

ISO 639-2 Language Codes List for OZ Google

Just change the 'en' in the following to the 2-letter code shown below:

Afrikaans = af
Akan = ak
Albanian = sq
Amharic = am
Arabic = ar
Armenian = hy
Azerbaijani = az
Basque = eu
Belarusian = be
Bengali = bn
Hindi = bh
Breton = br
Bulgarian = bg
Catalan = ca
Czech = cs
Corsican = co
Danish = da
German = de
Dutch = nl
Greek = el
Esperanto = eo
Estonian = et
Faroese = fo
Farsi = fa
Finnish = fi
French = fr
Western Frisian = fy
Georgian = ka
Scots Gaelic = gd
Irish = ga
Galician = gl
Guarani = gn
Gujarati = gu
Haitian = ht
Hausa = ha
Hebrew = he
Hindi = hi
Croatian = hr
Hungarian = hu
Igbo = ig
Icelandic = is
Interlingua = ia
Indonesian = id
Italian = it
Japanese = ja
Kannada = kn
Kazakh = kk
Khmer = km
Kinyarwanda = rw
Kyrgyz = ky
Kongo = kg
Korean = ko
Kurdish = ku
Lao = lo
Latin = la
Latvian = lv
Lingala = ln
Lithuanian = lt
Ganda = lg
Macedonian = mk
Malayalam = ml
Maori = mi
Marathi = mr
Malay = ms
Malagasy = mg
Maltese = mt
Mongolian = mn
Nepali = ne
Nynorsk = nn
Bokmal = no
Chichewa = ny
Occitan = oc
Oriya = or
Oromo = om
Panjabi = pa
Polish = pl
Portuguese = pt
Pushto = ps
Quechua = qu
Romance = rm
Rundi = rn
Russian = ru
Sanskrit = sa
Sinhala = si
Slovak = sk
Slovenian = sl
Shona = sn
Sindhi = sd
Somali = so
Sotho = st
Spanish = es
Serbian = sr
Sundanese = su
Swahili = sw
Swedish = se
Tamil = ta
Tatar = tt
Telugu = te
Tajik = tg
Tagalog = tl
Thai = th
Tigrinya = ti
Tonga = to
Tswana = tn
Turkmen = tk
Turkish = tr
Twi = tw
Uighur = ug
Ukrainian = uk
Urdu = ur
Uzbek = uz
Vietnamese = vi
Wolof = wo
Xhosa = xh
Yiddish = yi
Yoruba = yo
Zulu = zu

Google Australia in Turkish
Google Australia in Turkish



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      Mrs. J. B. 6 years ago from Southern California

      Thanks. Your hubs are very useful and above all educational.