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Awesome Accessories For Your Digital Camera

Updated on April 23, 2012

Accessories To Go With Your New Digital Camera

Everyone knows that a digital camera isn't complete without a whole host of accessories for it! OK, I probably just made that up, but after browsing through a number of websites and stores searching for a new DSLR, I stumbled across a few accessories which caught my eye.

Whilst we would all love to be the proud owners of a high-end DSLR such as the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, most of us have to settle for slightly less expensive models, struggling to justify spending several thousand dollars on a camera which we probably wouldn't even know how to make the most of, unless of course you happen to be a professional photographer/film maker. Either way the majority can happily settle on cheaper models, which in themselves are still perfectly capable of taking epic photos, but if you're still not content (some people are so hard to please!) then there are plenty of pretty cool accessories, some practical, some pretty and some just... different!

The Pod

So you spent all your money on the camera, it's all fancy and amongst other things has great image stabilization, despite this you're still getting those shaky, blurry shots. Now whether this is because you've been sleeping for the last 10 years and haven't done any exercise, and are struggling to lift the camera, or you are just not used to the extra weight of an DSLR compared to a normal point-and-shoot camera. Or maybe you only have one shot to save the world and so are a little bit nervous, though that last possibility is probably a little extreme, and let's hope if that does happen, the responsibility falls on someone who is a professional photographer.

Whatever the reason, the best solution is a tripod, right?

Only one problem, after the recent purchase of your DSLR, you're running a little low on funds and can't afford/come up with a good reason to give your significant other to justify the purchase of a $100 piece of metal, even though it is a very useful piece of metal!

Don't panic! Because "The Pod" is the perfect alternative!

So what's so great about 'The Pod'?

  • It's infinitely more portable than a normal tripod. Even though you can obviously fold most tripods up into a fairly compact size and even carry them around in a nice, handy bag. I can't think of any full tripods that can (almost)fit into your pocket.
  • Can be put down almost anywhere!
  • Uses standard mountain bolts for cameras, pretty much any camera will attach to it.
  • They come in a range of sizes (and prices).

Have a look at the site, see what you think! The Pod


Whilst on the subject of tripod alternatives: The 'GorillaPod' is probably a familiar one to most people by now but remains a handy little micro tripod that again can pretty much go anywhere.

With the 'GorillaPod', you can get some great, interesting and unique shots, thanks to it's ability to be placed in all sorts of locations that a normal tripod would struggle on, such as particularly uneven ground.

Of course, it's not called the 'GorillaPod' for no reason... You can also attach it to trees! Whilst climbing a tree to hang your camera on a high branch, setting the timer and then essentially falling down the tree in the rush to get down before the camera takes the picture, just to get a interesting angled shot, may not be overly practical... You could always use it to at least have one hand free to hold on for life, whilst 50 feet up a Redwood, and with the other hand take a picture (Though I would not recommend attempting this without any safety system set up. And obviously I accept no responsibility for anyone who does try such a thing). Or you could of course just wrap it around a low branch.

If climbing trees isn't your thing, there are still plenty of cool ways to use the 'GorillaPod.' In addition to the standard 'GorillaPods' which come in a variety of sizes and prices for different types/weights of cameras, you can also buy a magnetic version... Not sure why I'd want essentially a tripod fridge magnet but I'm sure you could find a use for it.

Anyway, go and browse the selection of GorillaPods!


Compact Photo Printer

These are a great solution to quick, high quality photo prints. If you really wanted you could probably carry certain models around with you!

Maybe you're going on holiday and for some reason can't wait to get back home to print of the photos you take. Or you might even be moving somewhere remote overseas, and can't afford to carry a full size printer in your luggage. Well perhaps this is the solution to your problems.

These printers allow you to grab photos straight off your camera without the need for a computer as the middle man.

Take a look at this Top 10 List of them.

Portable Digital Photo Album

Personally I'm not a fan of these types of devices, as they're generally overpriced and somewhat limited in their functions and in today's technology market heading towards portable multi-functional devices, it would make a lot more sense to purchase a product which can display all your digital photos in high-res as well as perform numerous other functions. 

On the other hand if you have no need for the additional functions that certain portable technology products provide and purely and simply want to show off your latest photos without having to get the laptop out every time. Then this may be the solution!

Here is one example of such a product: ALBUM

Camera Lens Mug

This one is quite amusing. Just don't put these on your camera!! Especially not when filled with coffee.

I think the description on the webpage says it all.

They come complete with a lens cap lid, rubber drip focus and zoom rings, 'working' auto-focus switch (i.e. it switches, it doesn't actually change any settings...remember it's a mug!!).

You can even choose between a Nikon or Canon lens (mug) if you happen to be partial towards either brand! Oh yeah, did I forget to mention, the Nikon lens....ehh, I mean mug, actually 'zooms'!!!

Now if that isn't awesome, then I don't know what is!

Check it out! Camera Lens Mug


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    • adfilic profile image

      Rina Zildjian 

      4 years ago from British Columbia

      Thanks for sharing. I recommend a USB car charger as well for charging even while on the road. I have learned my lesson so I got my car charger - check it out here - from Amazon.

    • iZeko profile image


      7 years ago

      The Pod is genius! I like the fact that it can sit even on my grandma’s shoulder ;-) Thanks for sharing!


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