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Awesome websites part 2

Updated on June 10, 2013

While browsing around, I come across some awesome websites. Earlier, I have shared three such awesome websites. Here again, I discovered some more. Here in part 2, there are more awesome websites.


The first apps I install after I bought my first smart phone (HTC Wildfire S) was barcode scanner! Reason, I wanted to scan those QR images that appear on the newspapers that I read daily.

QR codes (Quick Response Codes) were first introduced by Toyota way back in 1994 to decode barcodes at high speed. Now QR codes are increasingly popular with availability of smart phones.

I have wondered how to create one. A search on the web led me to several sites that help in creating QR codes instantaneously. But I found the most simple and easy to use with clean layout. You need to enter 255 character of message and click qurify to get your QR Code Image! Here is link to my hubpage – just scan it using your smart phone.

visit my HubPages
visit my HubPages

My second website is awesome indeed – for the note you send to your friend can be read only once and it gets destroy by itself after first read!

Go to this awesome website and enter your secrete message in the “Write your note below” box and then hit “Create Note” button to get a link. You send this link to your friend. Your friend can open this link to read the message for once, and the note will self destruct and disappear!

The third awesome website is a secrete email! Yes, visit to send a secret email to your friend.

Here is how to send top secret email. Visit and

  • click on (1) “Encode a Message NOW”;
  • enter your message in the message box provided (2)
  • In the text box for unique key (3) enter your own unique key (example: hubpages).
  • Click Encode now (4) button to get cryptic message.

Encrypted Text


You can copy and paste this encrypted message to your friend through email (you need to send the unique key the recipient separately – perhaps over SMS).

Recipient need to visit the above website and

  • click on “Decode a Message NOW” button (5)
  • enter the encrypted message in the box (6) provided
  • enter "hubpages" in the unique key box (7) and
  • click on Decode Now (8) to read the secret message.

All the above three websites are free to use, and requires no registration or login. So enjoy.

Of course, there are more of such awesome websites. If you have some unique and awesome websites, then please do share with me in the comments section at the end of this hubpage. Also you can reach me through fan-mail.

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Have you come across an unique and awesome websites?

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