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Working Of Axonix Integration Plugin In Revive Adserver

Updated on February 23, 2016

If you are in business, you may face many challenges and pitfalls every day. In order to overcome it, you may introduce the best products in the market. During that period, you can choose the root of advertising to reach the customers around the world. Commonly, an ad is published in the media, which is composed of all broadcasting services including internet. Online is a suitable place for advertising because here, you can target more audience within your budget.

The internet ads are published using an ad server, which provides required targeting features and options for managing the users but, these features are suitable only for basic ad serving. When you want to target worldwide customers, the additional modules are required for the tool. The third party advertising plugin called axonix provide required opportunities to the user. It is a mobile advertising platform for the global mobile publishers. It can distribute the ads on mobile websites and applications.

What is axonix integration plugin?

This plugin integrates the axonix platform in revive ad server and when it is installed, the ad requests are received to the server. The request has the requirements needed for an advertisement and based on its needs the module sends the suitable response to the request. One of the important requirements is bid rate; it is the amount needed for distributing the ad on the internet. If the response fulfills the requirement, the ads will be published on websites and mobile applications. The status of your ad will be noticed in the form of reports and to use the plugin, your server should have a DSP plugin.

What is DSP in axonix?

Demand side platform or DSP is a tool used by advertisers or ad agencies to sell their ads to publishers. It is used to display ads in search engine results, mobile devices and in videos.

Features of this mod

Transaction record of axonix

  • If a bid loss occurs on the server, the reason for the rejection is tracked in the form of logs.
  • It stores all the requirements of the axonix and the response provided for it.
  • The user can view the file and find the status of the bid responses.
  • It rejects the response because of lack of targeting options, categories, and insufficient bid amount.

Storage Process of the plugin

  • When the bulk of ad requests are received, the module handles the data and prevents data loss.
  • It stops data overflow by transferring the data from one database to another.
  • It offers error- free maintenance.

This tool cannot distribute the advertisements in desktop devices and it publishes the ad when your bid rate is equal to the requested one. The module follows RTB 2.2 standard.


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