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B305 Business Wireless Headset by LifeCHARGE Review

Updated on January 18, 2016


I received a test unit for an upcoming LifeCHARGE product to review and this latest one is the B305 Business Wireless Headset. More specifically, it is a Bluetooth headset. Today, we will see how it differs from the existing ones on the markets. We will assess the strengths, weaknesses, and reach an ultimate conclusion as to whether this product is for you.

Technical Specifications

Bluetooth Version
CSR 4.0
Talk Time (Up To)
5 Hours
Standby Time (Up To)
130 Hours
Music Play Time (Up To)
5 Hours
Charge Time
2 Hours
2.4 Ghz
3.7 Volts
65 mAh


At a price of $29.99, the B305 Bluetooth headset is more than affordable. I have seen similar Bluetooth headsets priced anywhere from the $39.99 to $69.99. Since I have not tried those, I cannot speak for the call quality, battery life, and build quality. Therefore, I will base my review on this unit alone.

First Look

Since this is a review unit, I do not have the original packaging and was instructed to leave that out. To make sure that you receive all the contents, I have displayed everything you should look out for when you unbox your package.

The instructions manual is very simple. It goes through all the button navigations including what double and triple tap do.

The micro-USB cord is for charging. You don't actually need to unwind it if you have another one in place. you can just store it some place for safe keeping. After my first charge, it seems any cord works.

Aside from the unit itself, you will find ear grips. There is the over-ear grip and in-ear grip. I attached the over-ear grip as soon as I received it as this is the only one I am familiar with. There are also two more in-ear grips. I'm not quite sure why two are needed as you can just reverse one of them for the other ear. I guess it is always good to have a backup.

From this photo, you can see two buttons on the B305 headset. These are the volume controls. The one on the outer side isn't as visible, but it is responsible for the Bluetooth pairing and call controls.

Inside Look

There is an extra rubber cushion for your ear canal that I did not mention earlier. It comes in a small and large size. By default, the large size is attached. I found it too big for comfort. It does not have a good and tight fit. I swapped it out for the smaller rubber cushion. Also, I swapped out the over-ear hook. This hook could have been better made. Rather than a thin piece of plastic, I would have expected something a bit thicker and more stronger. Trying to take it off my ear for the first time, I snapped the plastic hook. My recommendation is to skip that usage completely.

Another Look

I swapped out the ear hook for the in-ear one. This is also found on sport earbuds, which I like a lot better. It is more comfortable for sure while keeping the tight fit. This is especially better if you plan on wearing this headset for a majority of the time. I also found this more secure than the plastic over-ear hook.

Device Pairing

I paired this device with my Samsung Galaxy S4 no problem. It was very straight forward actually. First you need to toggle your Bluetooth controls on. On my device, I have my device as hidden. This means that I can scan for other devices, but other devices cannot scan for mine. If you have your device as hidden, it will be perfectly fine. After you toggle on your Bluetooth, you need to press and hold the main button until the lights start flashing. While the lights are flashing, your phone should list a device named "B305". Simply tap on this device and give it 15 seconds to pair itself. This ended up being a very simple process for me.

Volume Control

On the top of this headset is the volume control. These are two of the three buttons. I found them well made and very durable. They do not feel loose nor wobble in its place. I generally like my electronic devices this way. When they feel loose or wobbly, it concerns me about the quality and it could possibly be a possible defect. By the looks of it, this does not look to be the case.

Sound Quality

I will split the test of the sound quality into two parts. The first is a test done through a telephone call and the second will be for a music playback.

For the telephone calling, the quality is of course limited to my reception quality. Based on my test, the B305 headset was able to maintain a stable connection with my phone. I had my phone in my pocket and the headset, of course, on my ear. This is well within the 10 meter range of a typical Bluetooth connection.

The music playback quality is a different matter all together. The sound is terribly compressed and I do not recommend using this headset if music playback is your main purpose. This headset has a good bass, but the compression makes the quality horribly. I highly do not recommend the music playback regardless of what the estimated music playback time is.

Battery Stats

Usage Type
Call Time
Charge Time

Both my usage time and recharge time are below the specified. I think this is because I put the headset of my headset on high and then I control the master volume from my phone. This tends to drain the battery a bit more if the headset recognizes its own volume.

As for charging, I tend to use my 5-port Anker USB charger. It maximizes the current for a much faster charge and this is how my charging is under the estimated time. As for the usage time at four hours, I find this a bit low especially if a full business day's worth of calling is 8 hours. Although I have no gotten around to review many Bluetooth headset units, I hope this provides an accurate review of this unit and will help you decide whether this headset is for you.


It took some time for me to find the comfortable fit. Even using the in-ear rubber grip, it took me some time to get used to it. There were still some angle adjustments involved. I strongly recommend you invest the time and configure the headset to your comfort.

The call quality will sound compressed at first. They do not sound as well as my earbuds, but you will eventually break into them. I'm a bit concerned about the battery life. I rate this a buy only if you are a personal users for driving purposes or if you are a small business owner with limited cell calls.


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