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Updated on April 12, 2014

Online dictionaries have been around for a while, but today they offer a lot more than just meanings and definitions of words. The colossal growth in the number of offered features on online dictionary websites is amazing. In this story we shall discuss some of the most comprehensive and unabridged online dictionaries on the Internet. While most of the dictionaries are free to use, there are some which even offer premium and paid services.

One of the most comprehensive and popular of the lot is the Merriam Webster dictionary which not only offers the traditional online dictionary and thesaurus, but has various other features too. A few main sections include downloads, word of the day, word games, open dictionary, spelling bee hive, word for the wise and so on. A couple of other ventures on this website are learner’s dictionary and Word Central. The former is a great source for teachers and students of ESL (English as a Second Language), EFL (English as a Foreign Language) and TOEFL (Test Of English As A Foreign Language) courses. Another great resource for kids and teachers is the Word Central where kids can play word games and build their own dictionaries and teachers can source various ways to make their teaching experience richer.

Speaking of richness, here’s a must visit online source for dictionaries that are relevant to various fields such as medicine, legal and finance. It’s called The Free Dictionary by Farlex. Also, the Hutchison Encyclopedia on this website is packed with loads of information and facts from around the world. From Hinduism to the Mayan culture, erosion to energy, Cyprus to Costa Rica and English to Aramaic, simply type in what you’re looking for and you’ll learn about it here

There are countless websites for actual English words and phrases; now here’s a dictionary for phrases and words that aren’t commonly used across the globe, which includes slang language. It’s called the Urban Dictionary, where you can browse through words listed alphabetically, look up a specific word or phrase or simply sift though the words that appear each day. So if you come across some slang during a conversation with your friend, girlfriend or foe, you know where to look it up.

Coming back to English, here’s another great application and online English dictionary. WordWeb Online, although not as feature-rich as some other websites, is quite useful. The installable version of this application is the most convenient of the lot. Install the software, point the cursor to a word and simply right-click. The definition and explanation of the word appears instantaneously. What’s most interesting is that, this application is available for the iPhone and alternatively you can use the latest audio WordWeb dictionary on the go. It covers most English spellings, be it American, British, Australian, Asian and so on. and

So much for common usage English and slang, here are a couple of websites for Hindi words and phrases. You can use these websites for translating Hindi words into English and vice versa, and also get their meanings in either language. Shabdmala even states examples with the resulting words, which can be quite useful for easy comprehension. There are some features which are common to most of the websites. One of them is the choice for integration. Instead of re-visiting the site every now and then, you can integrate the Dictionary you like into your browser and Google or Yahoo toolbar by downloading the relevant widget from the dictionaries’ website. With the considerable increase in the number of Internet users and with the Internet being made widely available on portable devices, there’s very little chance that you want to carry a physical copy of a Wren and Martin with you. All you have to do is go to your mobile phone’s browser, look for the word and get results instantaneously. If you’re searching for meanings, definitions, synonyms, related words or antonyms, you know where to look when online. is the popular largest and most authoritative free online dictionary and mobile reference resource website.This site provide interactive and reliable source for word meaning and usage.It makes learning an enjoyable experience. I make it a point to visit every day and learn new things.academic, business, social and recreational needs, irrespective of age or education level users considered it is the best source of knowledge


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