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My unusual dream is it a Lottery or Lootery?

Updated on March 9, 2016
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An author who believes in freedom of speech and being opinionated. A great gift is having a will and the courage to enact.

Dream On!

Money, Money, Honey !

I dreamt of having my own my very own lottery, where I would be the overall winner, and would never lose. Of course I would get the accolades as well, the great and wonderful contributor to lots of numerous charities, which in effect, would benefit from such donations, and rightly so! Of course, I would be very upright, proud, and have a very strong feeling of power, and of great importance. However, I would fight against any feelings, reoccurring feelings of guilt, maybe a bit of shame, but guilt certainly. The guilt would prevail, and maybe increase over time, time when I would consider, the belief in the people playing week in week out, twice weekly, even three times weekly, of winning a life changing amount, an amount that I personally know doesn't really exist. Well what I mean is, it does exist for a jackpot winner, a winner I don't know personally, but a winner I choose, and to as and when, they win and of course, the amount. And so the dream unfolds....

The dream unfolds.....

I dreamt that if I could have a system of where I can control, the amount of winnings I pay out, donate to charities, and even create mass interest week on week, by creating rollovers, then I could in essence, have a licence to print money! But how could I achieve this?

Firstly, I would put the whole project together by creating a system, a fool proof system, that came across as regulated by a gaming commission. A system that was exciting to the audiences, eagerly awaiting their chance, their BIG dreams, of winning the life changing amount of money. To me it was, in a way, the same thing, except I already had the life changing amount of money every week rolling IN! My fool proof system was simple...

I had a ' Mainframe ' computer a big powerful computer in Head Office, designed to collate ALL the connected lottery ticket machines in shop outlets, supermarkets, wine stores, and even fuel stations, anywhere and everywhere! Gather all the ticket sales, and then during the two hours or so, timespan set out, for the close of ticket sales to the actual draw, the mainframe computer would populate all the tickets sold. It was an amazing machine, as indeed computers are. They can do lots of things, providing that they are told to do so. Anyway, this mainframe would actually state the number of tickets sold, the areas where they were bought, and also collate the actual numbers of tickets with say for example SIX Numbers the same, Five numbers the same, FOUR numbers the same and so on down to THREE numbers the same, TWO numbers the same, even ALL the tickets sold with just ONE number the same, even though tickets with ONE and TWO numbers the same didn't matter as THREE numbers was needed to win a prize.

The mainframe computer not surprisingly, produced from the input of the ticket numbers combinations, an alarmingly high number of winners with SIX numbers....I thought..." The jackpot wont be as high or as attractive as expected"? In fact it would be derisory, considering the amount of ticket sales, and the chances of being the outright winner was extremely high, as perceived by chance? It wouldn't be as attractive and alluring, many would stop they want that LIFE CHANGING amount my advertisement campaign, regularly portrayed as possible. So what did I do? I decided that the tickets with ALL SIX numbers matching, a number from their six had to go. I picked a number, of course it was noted, that number then actually took ALL them tickets with SIX numbers out of the equation, so then in effect, I had created two things! I created my First rollover, and secondly, I just added MORE lots more FIVE numbers tickets to the existing five numbers tickets.....

I thought "I can't have that"! The second prize won't be worth as much either?... I will adopt the same thing again as I did with the six numbers combination tickets, taking a correspondent number within ALL existing five numbers tickets out, so I will have to just make sure that the number is logged and put to one side till needed, later. In fact, I adopted this system down to the next tier of winning combinations of FOUR numbers, same again remove that corresponding number, which them takes out a majority of tickets, leaving a palatable amount of winners, picking up their modest winnings. The same for THREE numbers followed, and overall, they too picked up their derisory winnings. I know what you as a reader is thinking? What about the BONUS BALL? Well he would be "Introduced" after all the combinations had been worked out and "Eliminated" as to posing a "Threat" to possibly throwing a spanner in the works of my system, and preventing me from operating as I do.

The dreamed secret is out!

How did I do it? How could I dream such a devious plot, a legalised scam? Simple!

I had my lottery ball machine made, to turn and juggle the balls at high speed, and as they bounced about, and around and around, I knew it was irrelevant, as I knew at that point that I wasn't paying out a jackpot. The SIX corresponding balls I mentioned earlier, you know the ones I mentioned, which prevented the large amount of winners, sorry BIG winners, well they are really SPECIAL numbers after all. They are the specially MAGNETISED balls which will be drawn to the magnetised selection component, of course they are the same size and weight. Its amazing the numbering of the balls can be MAGNETIZED with special substances, there are a few, and thus enabling me to DECIDE, not who, but where and when, and by what amount MY jackpot winner or winners will be known. I am happy that my FOOLPROOF system is going to tick along nicely. A full set of ordinary balls and a full set of magnetised balls, just need to use specific balls as needed, when the draw decides. It also does its own marketing for me every week, I know how many tickets are sold here, there, everywhere! Do I want a double, or even triple rollover? Do I want more publicity? Will I change it around in the future? Will I get more greedy? Will I get more guilty? Or will I see that the money I am generating every week through my eager customers so willing to hand me some of their hard earned cash, build up and up and up. Mind you, I DONT really give a hoot as long as they buy MY LOTTERY tickets week in week out. What a GREEDY and SELFISH Subconscious mind I have....this is a nightmare, not a dream! Stick your Lottery!...I don't want anything to do with it! It only brings misery, and heartache...previous winners can vouch for that!

Dreams, funny as they are sometimes, and hard to fathom out, but for some do come true!....


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    • profile image

      Mr Anonymous 22 months ago from UK

      Hmm ..see Five numbers in the UK Draw very recently paid less than having three numbers in the draw...the organisers stated that there were an unprecedented amount of winners ? That's why the DERISORY amounts were paid..............I don't want to say anymore...enough said!

    • profile image

      Mr Anonymous 22 months ago from UK

      It seems unjust that a tongue in cheek adoption, of a genuine dream, has assumptions of an unsavoury nature? However, well written and portrayed!