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BSNL Wimax Review

Updated on January 23, 2012



I decided to switch to broadband service, after being disappointed from wireless Internet services. Even reliance 3G didn't prove reliable enough. Broadband was the last option available to me so that I could quickly do my work over web. I went to BSNL exchange to apply for a broadband connection for my home. I inquired about the cost and found that I would have to pay near about 700 bucks every month. I asked about the quality of service, reliability etc. I was not too confident with any of their answer. However he told me about WiMax service from BSNL. He called WiMax to be a specialist for Internet. The per month cost was just a little bit more than broadband nearly 870 bucks for unlimited connection. I made up my mind for WiMax as I was aware about bad reputation of Broadband.

I applied for the WiMax connection and deposited security charges for the outdoor CPE + one month advance rent. My application was processed soon next day, and they issued me the hardware after activating my device.

I installed the device myself, and placed the outdoor CPE on roof facing it towards BSNL exchange.

NOTE - BSNL exchange is near my home, hence no problem with range.

I connected my laptop with the cable and got connected without any hassles. The speed was more than what I had expected. I am getting at an average of 200 Kbps download speed. The connection is also reliable. It didn't disconnect even a single time except for the first time when my outdoor CPE was not in the line of sight with BSNL tower. After adjusting my CPE I was able to surf normally. I would recommend you to go for WiMax service as it is worth its cost. It is far better from any other Internet Service available for home users especially for those who are not living in metro cities. If you want to ask anything else please ask through your comments .


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    • profile image

      dharmaraj 3 years ago

      i was disappointed with the govt. decision to putoff all wimax connections in india

    • profile image

      chandrayya 4 years ago

      please update your place. I lost connection frequently.How I can find the near by base station.My area pin code 580028

    • profile image

      revin 4 years ago

      wat are the values shown corresponding to signal strenght and link quality ..??

    • profile image

      rocky 4 years ago

      hey men,can u define your place where u get this connection

    • imvarunkmr profile image

      Varun Kumar 4 years ago from Punjab, India

      Try to adjust your equipment and notice the signal strength which is displayed by green LED lights at the back of device.

    • imvarunkmr profile image

      Varun Kumar 4 years ago from Punjab, India

      Yes you can do that. I had to unsubscribe the service after one month as I had to move to Delhi.

    • profile image

      abinash mudgal 5 years ago

      it is not working well.....the speed is 50 to 60 please help me........

    • profile image

      nikhil narayan 5 years ago

      Hey friend,I am quite impressed with your Wimax review and have been planning to install one.The wimax tower is 2Kms away from my house and in between there are no such buildings that can reduce the signal's strength,just telling you.Can I unsubscribe to Wimax service after 1 Month?Some one told me it was not possible until 3 months.

      Waiting to hear from you at the earliest.Thank you:)

    • imvarunkmr profile image

      Varun Kumar 5 years ago from Punjab, India

      Well, I never faced any such issues. Try adjusting your CPE (monitor the signal strength ), there might be network issues in your area.

    • profile image

      Eee 5 years ago

      Hello friend ..

      I read your comment on about wimax bsnl disconnect ..

      You find any solution for. That. ? I have wifi modem with out door cpe ... I think there is problem in that ..

      I noticed that it disconnect mostly when we do kinda sharing thing , like skype , teamviewer or torrentz...

      Reply me must .. If need my number is 9988980037

    • profile image

      tejinder 5 years ago

      so having used up this service for more than 5 month now (presumably that you are still on it), how does it fair in the connectivity department? Did you get any dropouts, if yes for how long? Thanks