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Back Up System

Updated on February 17, 2012

Thank goodness for back up when you need it the most and your computer goes down. It is always helpful and very useful for when one has to especially restore their whole computer system. At first I didn't think it was important to backup all of the files that I had until my computer decided to go down and I had restore it.

I have learned my lesson and luckily I was able to save some important files and songs and even pictures that I had within my laptop. This is something that is useful for everybody to know. If on your computer you have a program that lets you backup your system, it is very useful and smart to use. After restarting my computer twice realized that a program that it had went corrupt which caused my laptop to have to be restored.

I am saying all this to just emphasize that it is just very important to back up your system on your computer because you never know when you will need all the information again. For example, when one uses Itunes and you have a lot of songs in your library, you don't want to just lose it. So it is smart to back up the music because when you have to install Itunes again it is simple to just drag the folder with all the music to the Itunes window and it is imported into Itunes and you don't have to go back and forth copying each individual song.

It goes the same for the pictures that were also backed up because you may have precious pictures on your computer and everyone knows that they don't want to lose those pictures. This goes for even those important documents that you may have that will be needed in the future.

Thanks to my backup system I was able to recover my music, pictures and documents. What do you have that is important for you to back up?


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