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Atari Console for ipad - Old Arcade Games

Updated on April 26, 2013
The Atari
The Atari

It is the year 1972.

The most popular films are The God Father, Fiddler on the Roof, Dirty Harry and Diamonds Are Forever.

The most popular musicians are ABBA, Simon and Garfunkel, Elton John, Rod Stewart and Michael Jackson has just released 'Ben'.

We are watching The Brady Bunch, Here's Lucy, Hawaii Five-O and The Benny Hill Show on television.

Digital watches have just come on the market, the Volkswagon Beetle is the most popular car on the road and the Atari company has just been founded, releasing the game Pong along with the Atari 2600, the must-have game console.

What wasn't know then however was that over 30 million would be sold in the years to come and so many more millions of games were to be created including Pac Man, Tank and Space Invaders.

Let's go back to the future.

Fast forward 30+ years to the era of the Apple iPhone and iPad. Incredible devices that have in many ways changed the way we live. Our children are learning in ways never thought possible and our ability to communicate, play games, undertake business and just have fun are almost endless and growing daily.

As with many things in life, old products and favourites gain fresh momentum and become popular again. The Atari has not been spared.

If you grew up playing the Atari, and reading this you have found your spark to want to play again, you have three simple options.

  1. You can dig out your old console (assuming you have one still), dust it down, plug in the joystick and cartridge games and re-live your childhood.
  2. You can shop online and buy yourself an original Atari and one or many of the incredibly classical games. There are even new games being created today by hobbyists.
  3. Or, you can remain in the 21st century and transform your iPad into an arcade game of old.

Take a 1970's game console concept and match it with a state of the art iPad and you have the 'Atari Arcade'

The Atari Arcade allows you to re-live all your favourite Atari moments from the modern comfort of your iPad. You no longer have to talk about 'back when'; you can live it now!

This device allows you to play games such as Asteroids, Centipede and Missile Command. With multi-player capability, and suiting any iPad, you can play the Atari of old in the future.

The Atari is a Collectable

If you prefer to re-live the 70's with the original, this retro console, the king of plug and play, is definitely worth owning.

Garage Sale Bargains

Next time you are visiting your local garage or yard sale for bargains, keep a close eye out for some vintage games or even the odd game console. The younger generation will most likely walk straight past an archaic looking box but if you are an Atari fan you may just be able to grab a bargain. If you are looking to buy and resell, you will definitely find buyers for these collectable products.

Looking to sell your Atari?

If you have an Atari console or cartridge games in your home and are no longer the arcade-game playing person you were 30 odd years ago, let it be known that these items are hot collectables.

As an eBay Trading Assistant for over 10 years I have seen many collectable games exchange hands. Here are my tips on listing your items with success.

  1. You must be confident that your console and/or games are in working order. If they are not be sure to mention in the listing that they are for parts only. (Yes, broken consoles still sell!)
  2. Clean your items as best as possible - blow out dust and allow them to be photographed with clarity and detail.
  3. Try to photograph your items both as a bundle and whilst in action (if it is in working order) to give buyers the confidence.
  4. Research going prices. This will determine whether you list your items to sell separately or as a bulk lot. It all depends on what you have, the condition, and game quality.

There is no doubt that the classical graphics of these arcade games are not a patch on what we see today but that is half of what makes games like the Atari so popular. The comeback of the century? You betcha!

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