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Backup, Restore & Transfer SMS Android Smartphone to Computer

Updated on January 21, 2014

Why Taking Backup of Messages

Most of the time when we receive important messages from bank regarding deduction, credit or debit or from our business partner regarding offer etc.And we keep those message in smartphone deleting other telemarketing messages. But what if we want to factory reset or format complete device? What about the contacts, SMS and photos that are stored on our device?

There are one possibility of getting them back.One is we have backup and we restore it on device after formatting. We can use top free cloud services to store our backup online.So that wherever we are, we can format device and get access to that backup from online and restore it on our device quickly.

There are lots of android apps available for backup text messages, images, contacts from your android smartphone to computer or cloud. But I used to prefer VeryAndroid SMS Backup on my smartphone to backup my SMS easily.

VeryAndroid SMS Backup
VeryAndroid SMS Backup | Source

VeryAndroid SMS Backup

5 stars for VeryAndroid SMS Backup for Android Smartphones

Why I Prefer VeryAndroid SMS Backup

  • It allow me to Copy and backup SMS text messages from my smartphone to computer easily.
  • Whenever I format or reset my device, I can easily restore SMS messages from backup files to that device easily.
  • Not only I can restore it from my device, I can restore the same backup to any of my new smartphone. I used to buy new smartphone on regular basis, so I have no worry about backup and restore. I just take backup from my one device and restore it on another device within few minutes.
  • Easily view and manage text messages from computer.
  • What I do is, take backup of my messages from my smartphone and send it to Dropbox and box, so that I can retrieve it back even when I am not at my office.
  • Interesting feature about it is, you can transfer sms to android phone from other phones (iPhone, Windows Mobile, Nokia, Blackberry etc).

How to use VeryAndroid SMS Backup on Computer

1) Run PC Tool for VeryAndroid SMS Backup on your computer then connect your Android Phone to computer(step by step guide). You can download it from HERE.
2) Click “Menu” -> “Sync” -> “Transfer SMS from Other Phone to Android”. You will see the following:

Backup, Restore & Transfer SMS Android Smartphone to Computer
Backup, Restore & Transfer SMS Android Smartphone to Computer | Source

If you are already using Veryandroid SMS backup, Are you satisfied with it?

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There is the option to backup of restoring SMS. Choose backup SMS from android, if you want to take backup of SMS and choose restore sms to android if you want to restore text sms messages from already taken backup file.

I would recommend you to try out free version of VeryAndroid SMS Backup App from Google Play Store.If you like it, you can upgrade Veryandroid SMS Backup it just by paying $19.99 USD to enjoy full features of it.

Upgrade VeryAndroid SMS Backup from Amazon


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