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Backup Your WordPress Site Easily With Backup Buddy

Updated on January 7, 2012

Keep It Safe And Secure

Let me first say that I have never been one to really pay a great deal of attention to product reviews let alone write them. That being said, I felt that this topic is too important to ignore. Too many people seem to rely on their web hosts for backing up their WordPress and other CMS based sites. Personally, I would much rather have full control over my database and site.

Being the WordPress ninja that I am, I am always looking for new tools and whatnot to help maximize the potential of my sites and those that I build for others. Once I realized that the need to have control over backups existed, I began the search for a high quality backup plugin. Now, one thing to realize is that there is a world of plugins out there promising to work wonders; however, finding one that can actually deliver may take a bit of trial and error.

Enter Plugin Buddy. I happened across a review of this company through a Google Search and decided to check them out. Low and behold, they offer a plugin appropriately named Backup Buddy. As you can probably guess, this plugin allows you to backup your site. Unlike some other plugins however this one allows you to schedule when you want the backups to take place, where you want the backups to go, and whether or not you want to keep a copy accessible from the site itself.

Whether you want to email the backups to a client or to yourself, if you want to send it off to cloud hosting such as that offered by Rackspace or Amazon S3, or if you want to FTP it to another account altogether, you have the option to send it wherever you want it stored. That way you have it readily at hand in the event that you need to restore your site.

Speaking of restore – Backup Buddy allows you to restore your site in an EXTREMELY easy manner! With the simply upload of a script and a copy of the zipped backup file, you will be back in business in no time flat. I couldn’t believe how super simple it was to get a site back up and running. And if you are wondering, yes I actually crashed a site on purpose just to test out this functionality! I am of the mind that if you don’t know if you can trust it, then it isn’t worth using.

Another major function offered by Backup Buddy is that it allows you to migrate WordPress sites with ease. Need to build your site on one domain but need it moved to another? No problem! You can build the entire WordPress website from ground up to the finished product, back it up with Backup Buddy and then migrate it to the spot of your choice, whether it is on another domain or even another server altogether.

Plugin Buddy has taken the time and effort to create a majorly useful plugin to be quite certain! The newest version of Backup Buddy has added several features that make it even more useful. You are prompted to back up the site after creating pages and/ or posts. Dropbox has been added as an available option for storing backups. Even server tools have been added that allow you to know the current file permissions, compatibility, the size of your database and a great deal more.

I know that it may sound like I am simply tooting a horn in support of the plugin, but in truth I am seriously impressed by Backup Buddy every time I use it. Even if you run into an issue, it is extremely easy to troubleshoot and correct using the tutorials and support offered by Plugin Buddy.

If you are looking for a secure and reliable way to keep your WordPress website backed up and safe, then it would certainly be of benefit to check out the Backup Buddy plugin offered by Plugin Buddy. While at their site, check out some of their other plugins as well. They offer a wide variety of plugins geared toward many different uses each of which come in quite handy for a range of needs.

The Bearded Ninja


Danny Hall Bio

Danny Hall is the Content Creation & Web Design Director for Posse Social Media. He also oversees the WP Web Design Experts Tacoma branch office. With a background rich in design work both on and offline, Danny brings a unique touch to the websites that he helps to develop. His background also includes experience working in a traditional print shop in both the typesetting and graphic arts departments. This lends him an understanding of how a business's logo and graphics must remain compatible both online and off.

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