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Backup Your Data Online-It's FREE

Updated on September 11, 2011

Data is the most valuable thing on your computer. Everything is based on your data.In a case of hardware problem we can fix it easily or replace that hardware with new one. But think a while about your data. If it occurs a damage to your data or data loss how could you fix it. It will be impossible or expensive comparing hardware problem.

The solution to this problem is backing up your data.Backup means storing data in a safe place from where you can retrieve data.We can backup data on magnetic disks,DVD,flash drives or other data storing sources.But a physical storing media can damaged easily.The probability is high.Also the cost is high.

An ideal solution for this scenario is backing up your data in server. That means you can store your data in server sources which is dedicated for you safely and retributive your data when you want it.The most colorfull thing is its free.

There are many web sites who supports this facility. Today i introduce you such a website.It allows users to store up to 5GB for free account holders.Here is the procedure....

  1. Visit this website(Use the link below)

2.Sign up for a free account.

3.Download idrive to your computer.

4.Install idrive to your computer.

Now you are ready for backing up

  • Double click on the idrive icon on your desktop(or start menu).
  • You will automatically connect to the server( you have to connect to internet before this step)

  • Type the user name and password you used in signing in.
  • After that click on the connect button

  • Now you can backup your data using Backup tab .
  • And retrieve data using Restore tab.


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    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 6 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Voted up; Useful; Beautiful; Interesting! Great advice.

    • BkCreative profile image

      BkCreative 6 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      Well this I need to know. I lost so much when my computer crashed 2 years ago. Now that it is getting older it is certainly time to prepare myself. Bookmarked!

      Thanks for the info - and rated up. Nice to meet you too by the way. I'm a follower now. Yay!