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Smart Phones Data Back up

Updated on October 31, 2012

Broken iPhone, better have your data back up

Have a secured smart phone

Most use their smart phones for several multitasking purposes (calendar, agenda, internet, email) and some others for YouTube or video streaming and media sharing, and even some others not even turn their phone off at night and sleep with the phone under the pillow, mostly like me. Because phones are mobile devices taken everywhere, the likelihood of getting lost or stolen is great, often greater than we think.

If for some misfortune or accident our phone fails and breaks down, it would be easier to have all the previous data and configurations sent straight back to a new phone rather than having to start everything all over again. What a misfortune if all pictures and videos of special memories get lost! What a problem if important dates and events saved on calendars and agendas get lost! Some contacts on the phones are not easily to get recovered or some others just live too far away that their phone number is the only mean of communication. What a sad scenario!

Fortunately, there a few tips to follow and therefore keep an up-to-date version of your phone to be easily backed up to your phone or a new replacement phone. Below is a review of life saver applications created for smart phones that are easy to use:

Titanium Back up

1) Titanium Back up (for Android)
Titanium Back up is an application created for android. It is designed to generate automatic back ups of a phone where the user sets the days of the weeks and time when the back up starts (ex. Tuesdays at 7:30pm). A brief summary displays how much spaced is being used and what that consumed spaced is being used for. This app has over 5 million users and was awarded app of the year 2011; there are two version, the free and the pro version. The free version allows to do some task but is , however, limited. The pro versions allows more back up capabilities and more space. Below are the highlight of some of the features that makes Titanium Back up rank number one in my ranking:
A) Full phone applications, setting, browser bookmarks, calendars, and data is covered. Entire phone, including programs data,accounts IDs, and WiFi networks, are retrieved. Even lighting setting and screen lock password are recovered!
B) Back ups stored in SD cards, a Google drive, or DropBox account in case SD card fails.
C) Brand the application with your name, also back ups are protected from accidental deletion.
D) Price for pro version is only about 5.90 (a free feature limited version is available)

Google Drive

2) Google Drive (for any smart phone)
Google drive (GDrive) is a free application developed by google and compatible with any smart phone. As stated in the past article about computers back up online accounts, Google Docs will provide you a free 5GB account where you can upload and download any type of documents. In this application for smart phone, your phone device will have same access to you account and often read PDF, spreadsheets, text, and powerpoint files because of the preview option of the GDrive. Below are the features that makes GDrive rank 2 on this article:
A) Access to several accounts at once, full access to all documents.
B) Read files in GDrive preview or open files in a new application.
C) Free price for download and compatibility with all smart phones.


3) iCloud (for iPhone, PC, MAC, Wifi/internet ready devices)
iCloud is not an application but rather an online account with a free 5GB storage capacity. iCloud is useful for making back ups for iPhone and other apple devices and compatible with windows computers. iCloud will back up your iPhone and let you download back ups and files on any apple device or computer and have all your devices synchronized when you sign in to your iCloud account. Because iCloud will automatically update files between devices connected in the same account, iCloud ranks 3 in this article.

Both iCloud and GDrive will provide a 5GB free storage for users, but more space can be purchased if needed. These are all online services for back up and restore purposes, however Titanium back up also provides users with an option to back up files to SD cards. Having a secured phone is free and purchasing a pro version or more storage is optional for those who may need more than the free features. Some apps like titanium back up and iCloud will automatically update files, but some others like GDrive will require you to update files manually. Some apps like titanium back up will restore the phone to the exact same previous configuration, some others apps like GDrive will only restore files.


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      Mario 5 years ago

      Good to know...sometimes the cell phone can break down when we least expect it

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      noemi 5 years ago