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Musical Instruments

Updated on March 22, 2016

The clavichord is the oldest stringed keyboard instrument. It is very old and was first around in the middle ages. It does not produce a loud sound, so it was not made for big concerts and events like that. It was made for smaller gatherings of people. It looks an awful lot like an electric keyboard because it is small and rectangular. It looks like it would be easy to move around. It sounds like a mix between a piano and a guitar, leaning more towards a guitar sound.

The harpsichord is similar to the clavichord but it plucks the strings, like a guitar. It looks like a bigger version of the clavichord. They do sound similar but the harpsichord sounds like a mixture of a piano and a guitar. For some reason, it sounds a little more electronic than the clavichord.

The forte-piano looks a lot like the modern pianos but it just doesnt have as many keys, so it is a little bit smaller. Because this forte-piano is smaller, it doesnt produce as loud of a sound as a modern day piano. I feel like it sounds a lot like a grand piano. The only different I can tell by listening to it is that this forte-piano’s keys are all a little softer than a modern day piano. Obviously a lot of that depends on the song and pianist but overall, it sounds like a softer sound is coming from this instrument.

The modern grand piano looks exactly like the ones you see at concerts. It looks similar to the forte-piano but just a bigger version of it. There are a lot of little parts that have been upgraded and put into the modern day piano and thats what makes it better. Just by listening to the modern grand piano, you can tell that it is a lot louder than the forte-piano. There are also more notes on this grand piano, so more notes can be played. It seems as if each key being played on the grand piano is stronger than the ones that were being played on the forte-piano.

After listening to some Bach on the harpsichord and on the piano, I have decided that they are both very good. I do think that I like the modern grand piano more than the other older stringed keyboard instruments. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy all of them but I prefer the piano. I like the grand piano because it is very versatile. It has so many different keys, which allows the pianist to play more notes and have a larger range. It also can be played very loudly as well as very softly and quietly. I do however think the the clavichord sounds a lot like it would fit in hundreds of years ago. When I think of music in the 1400s, that is the type of sound that I think of. I still prefer the grand piano.


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