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Basic SMART Board Maintenance

Updated on October 26, 2012

Having worked for AV company on the support help desk, I have found that most problems with SMART Interactive Whiteboards derive simply from inadequate maintenance. Users either fail to clean the board or do no understand why you would need to orientate it.

Below I've listed simple prevention techniques that will resolve the majority of problems with SMART Interactive Whiteboards.

How To Clean the Surface

  1. Using a soft cloth, spray cleaner onto the cloth. Ideally the cleaner should be whiteboard cleaner, but window cleaner is a good substitute.
  2. Rub the cloth across the surface of the board, taking care not to press too hard. Pressing too hard can damage the circuitry behind it.
  3. Remove any debris that has affixed itself to the surface (blue tack, tape, etc), and also make sure that no objects lean against the surface.

What Does This Do?

SMARTBoards are touch sensitive so anything making contact with the surface will register when the board is in use. This can cause issues with cursor jumping when trying to use it normally.

How To Clean the Pen Tray

  1. Remove the pens and eraser from the pen tray.
  2. Using a soft cloth apply a small amount of cleaner to the cloth. In this case any antibacterial spray will do, but make sure the cloth is dry as you do not want any cleaner to leak into the tray.
  3. Wipe the cloth across the tray making sure to get into the compartments where the pens lay.
  4. If the tray has clumps of dust, you may wish to consider using a can of compress air or the hose from a vacuum to remove them.
  5. Replace the pens and eraser.

What Does This Do?

There are sensors in the pen tray that detect whether or not a pen has been removed. If these are blocked with dust or other debris the sensor cannot detect if a pen has been removed for use. Thus the pen will not register with the board. Same can be applied to use of the eraser.

SMART Board Orientation

How To Orientate For Better Accuracy

  1. Press and hold the On-Screen keyboard and control-click buttons simultaneously until the Orientation screen appears. These appear next to each other on the pen tray.
  2. Using your finger or a pen, press on each of the circles that appear.
  3. The more dots used, the more accurate the board will be when registering contact.
  4. For more information on orientating your SMART Interactive Whiteboard see the PDF sheets linked below.

What Does This Do?

Nothing is more annoying than when a board does not register your touch, or if touching the board in one place registers a touch in a different place. Orientating the board reduces this problem.

It is important to use your finger or the pen tool when orientating. Using a larger object, such as a knuckle or fat marker will give inaccurate readings.

If after orientating the board it continues to register contact in different areas it maybe time to contact your warranty holder as the board may have become defective or need further servicing.


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