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Be or not to be on social networks? T It is no longer the issue.

Updated on May 1, 2016

In 2013, 8 of 10 users have registered on at least one social network. While social networks were first proliferated among students, more than 55 French Internet users represent more than 30% of the audience of social media in France, as much as 15 to 34 (Médiamétrie). In tourism, social networks are an extension of the "word of mouth": 70% of users say that the experience of their relatives encouraged them to go to a place where they had never thought of going before (sparkler).

Hamlet-hipsterPour tourism stakeholders, the question is no longer whether to be on social networks but how to be there?

The number of users is no longer an end in itself. That's not the size that matters but the commitment of a community. A phenomenon that naturally results in any expression of interest on your publications: assessments, shares, comments and other forms of interactions specific to each social media.

The main challenge lies in the implementation of a strategy of influence in social networks organized around several levers:

Organizational. This is your team involved educating all staff, as the host communities function must be cross your activity and must sweat the identity of your business.
Strategic. On social networks, everything can go very fast. Anticipation is queen. On the one hand, with the establishment of a schedule content to organize your publications based on your highlights, events and in-house skills. To not end up every day facing the blank page syndrome. Furthermore, by providing any risks related to your trade, whose negative effects on your e-reputation could be very detrimental quickly as your responsiveness.
Operational. Your editorial should be organized around a neat handwriting and targeted audience to generate interaction and gain visibility.
Your customers in the networks!

It is best to choose a social media based on audience and your goals rather than on everyone and nowhere at once.

Facebook remains a must with its 1 billion 340 million active users worldwide (Facebook) including 26 million in France.

Using Twitter in France is more discreet but the microblogging website is an excellent tool to promote the conversation in the case of a customer service for example.

The 1562 Instagramers posting pictures on Instagram every second ( A social network share photos and videos available primarily on mobile, where the image occupies a prominent place. Each media must be adapted according to the publications functionality and own habits to each tool.

Your customers are precious!

We must build on their skills in recruiting your new subscribers thanks to sponsored publications and targeted by type, age, city, affinities, etc. and according to a promotional budget to calibrate the year.

Your customers are demanding!

The concierge found a second youth today in digital. The requirement of users on your ability to respond is primarily tailored immediacy and personalization of the message. But beyond your own community, you have to remain on standby, when a user mentions your brand or business, take the floor and start a conversation, staying in suggestion than in the intrusion.

Your customers are creative!

More and more content is published on social networks: 16 million Internet users have posted a picture on a social network in 2013; they were 7 million to post a video (Médiamétrie). On Facebook, 70% say that the experience of their relatives encouraged them to go to a place where they had never thought of going before (Facebook / Sparkler 2013). A source of influence need to know to use in its own interest by encouraging publications about this social media around your tourism business.

Your customers are hyper connected!

And all this social environment is disrupted with the mobile boom. In June 2013, one month has 17 million active users on Facebook and connected from their mobile. Behavior which must also make you think about the format of your publications to optimize for mobile first and calibrate the time of day conducive to caution: wake up in the waiting areas, transport times , etc.


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