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Be prepared for disasters with a gas trailer

Updated on January 10, 2014
Pro 110 Industrial FTS gas trailer, featuring a fuel transfer system.
Pro 110 Industrial FTS gas trailer, featuring a fuel transfer system.

You can't plan for a disaster

Disasters, they can strike at any time and place without warning. One minute, life might be going good and the next, you might find yourself in a large snowstorm if it's winter or a tropical storm if it's hurricane season. When disasters do strike sometimes there's a fuel shortage or you simply can't get to it. So to ensure that you always have fuel when a disaster hits, purchase a fuel trailer so you can be prepared.

Components used in the production of fuel tank trailers.
Components used in the production of fuel tank trailers.

Safely store fuel

By having a fuel trailer, you can store large amounts of fuel in a safe and secure way thanks to its large fuel tank. There are 20, 50, and 110 gallon fuel storage options that are a big time upgrade compared to plastic containers that you'd find at your local hardware store. The reason being they're such a big time upgrade is due to the fact that these fuel tanks are manufactured from high quality aluminum that won't rust.

Plus, the tank itself is well-constructed using quality welds and if you want to make the one you get even more secure, you can get a double-wall fuel tank upgrade. This upgrade puts another containment zone around the all-ready secure fuel tank. So, if the outside wall should happen to become damaged, the internal fuel tank itself will not be affected.

Being able to store large amounts of fuel in preparation for a disaster is critical since if one does hit, you'll have the fuel you need to keep things going. For example, if the power goes out, you can use the fuel you have stored to keep a generator running. Or, you could use the gas for your car or vehicle if the local gas stations are closed.

After a storm or disaster hits, a gas trailer can be handy when it's time to clean everything up. For instance, if there is a lot of debris, such as downed trees and brush all over the place, you're going to need to clean it up and that means the use of equipment like chain saws and other related equipment. That equipment is going to need to be fueled up with fuel and to keep them running, you can turn to the fuel from a gas trailer by taking it with you to the spots where you might need to work.

A gas trailer being used to refuel different types of equipment.
A gas trailer being used to refuel different types of equipment.

Useful in other situations too

Since gas tank trailers offer fueling flexibility, they can be used in other scenarios where fuel is needed in addition to when a disaster strikes. For instance, maybe you live in a remote location where you don't have immediate access to fuel like people do who live in the city. What you could do then is park a fuel trailer right at your residence so you can fuel up your car, truck or other equipment when you need to without having to drive anywhere. Or, maybe you like to go hunting or camping and the sites where you go are off the beaten path too. Well, you could bring a fuel tank trailer with you to have the fuel you require to keep your ATV's or gators going.

These are just a few of the spots where one could be utilized. A few others include:

  1. Out on the ice during the winter whether your ice fishing or dredging in Alaska.
  2. When you're hunting.
  3. Traveling cross-country to keep your motorcycle or vehicle going.
  4. When you're camping.
  5. At a small airport hanger to refuel your airplane or any other small aircraft.
  6. On site at a boat marina.
  7. At a race track.

Essentially, the list of spots were you could use one is virtually endless since it is so versatile.

What to think about when getting a gas trailer

As you can see, a fuel trailer is a handy piece of equipment to own and is not only useful in times of emergencies, but other scenarios where fuel is needed as well.

Before you make the decision and actually purchase one, there are some things that you need to consider first:

  1. How much fuel do you want to store? This will determine what size gas trailer you get. If you want to store a lot, then you'll need to get one that has a large fuel capacity.
  2. Will you use it for more than emergencies? This is another thing that will factor into the sized fuel trailer you get. If you plan on using it in addition to just storing fuel, then you'll probably want to get one that has a larger fuel capacity. Or if you just want it to keep fuel on hand for when an emergency strikes, then a medium sized economy model may be the way to go.
  3. What are you willing to spend? It's important to have a budget in place before you make any kind of big equipment decision. So, have a budget in place so you have an idea what you're willing to spend.
  4. Do you know enough about what you're purchasing? If you said no to this question, then it's time to do some research on the topic. The internet is a good place to start along with heading to a gas trailer dealership to ask questions.

After you have considered the above things, then you'll be ready to take the next step and purchase a fuel trailer. Whether it's for times of emergencies or to use when you're traveling, it's a valuable piece of equipment that you'll be happy to have around.


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