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Beats Headphones by Dr. Dre

Updated on November 26, 2010

Having superior sound and comfort, the Beats Studio by Dr. Dre are one of the top rated headphones on Amazon; averaging 4 stars or better on categories such as Sound Quality, Ease of Use, Mobility and Wow Factor.

Dr. Dre is one of the most renowned music producers of all time. Through his 3 decades of making and producing top hits he's determined what features good headphones should have. So in teaming up with Monster headphones, Dr. Dre's beats headphones have taken both the DJ world as well as the common listener by storm.  Depending on what you plan to use your headphones for, there are several models of headphones: the Beats Studio, Beats Solo, Beats Tour and the HeartBeats. If you've ever thought you might want to buy beats headphones, but weren't sure which ones would work best for you, check out our Beats Headphones Reviews.

Beats Studio by Dr. Dre

Whether you are an aspiring music producer, or just an extreme audiophile who needs to have the best sound, the Beats Studio headphones are specially designed to provide the ultimate high definition audio.  These Dre Beats headphones use a special microchip that actively identifies external noise and then produces an exact opposite signal to produce a noise cancelling effect that cuts external noise.  The over the ear design features large earcups that provide enough space to get a full sound effect and also have ample cushioning that remains comfortable for hours at a time.  As far as the speakers go, these top of the line drivers are designed for incredible clarity and with extra large capacity for excellent bass.  Being made by Monster cables, you know that the headphone cables will be the best of the best as they use the Quadripole twisted pair construction which helps to eliminate electromagnetic interference.  One of the greatest features about these headphones is that they incorporate an answer button and microphone which allows you to take calls from your cell phone if you use it as an mp3 player.  While being a bit pricey, these headphones are seriously some of the best money can buy and worth the price for the serious musician.

Beats Solo headphones by Dr. Dre

If you love music and need to have some serious bass, but don't need studio quality headphones, the Beats Solo headphones give you a great entry level option.  The Beats Solo headphones offer terrific sound that provides crisp snares, and deep warm bass.  Having been designed for the everyday iPod/iPhone user, these headphones have a iPod control that adjusts tracks, volume and play and pause so you don't have to have acces to your device.  This also works with smartphones which will allow you to take calls while you wearing the headphones.  The smaller design isn't all encompassing as the Beats Studio model, but they do a great job of blocking out standard background noise while still being comfortable enough to wear on the bus, plane or walking down the block or around campus.  They also incorporate a convenient folding design so you can easily pack your headphones into your back when you're done. 

Beats Tour Earphones by Dr. Dre

If you just don't like the on-ear design of all the high-quality headphones, but still want to have the same quality of sound, Monster and Dr. Dre came out with the Beats Tour earphones.  These in-ear earphones have been specifically designed to provide deep round bass that adds that thicker, better dimension to hip-hop and rock songs.  The noise isolating earphones act as earplugs blocking outside noise while allowing the music to stand out.  And as an additional design feature, it has a flat cable that won't get tangled when you stash them in your backpack or pocket.  To top it all off, these top of the line earphones are backed by a three year warranty from Monster Cables.

Lady Gaga Heartbeats Earphones

And for all the ladies out there who want to enjoy their music with a little bling, the Lady Gaga Heartbeats headphones provide all of the features you'd expect from Beats headphones.  These headphones have high performance sound that gives awesome sound even in crowded places.  They also include the noise isolating earbuds in several sizes to ensure that the outside noise stay outside.  The tangle free cord and storage case make keeping these headphones safe while in your bag or purse simple and easy.  Not to mention these headphones come in a huge array of different colors to provide you with plenty of options to match your iPhone or mp3 player. 

Where to Buy Beats Headphones

A lot of people have the question "Where to buy beats headphones?"  Everyone wants to get the lowest price and with all of the different color beats headphones and the ability to design your own beats headphones, it can be tricky to find the best place to buy Beats by Dre headphones.  There are several websites across the internet that sell Beats by Dre headphones and the one thing to make sure of before you hit the buy button is to make sure that they are an authorized Monster Dealer.  These retailers actually get the headphones directly from Monster and are guaranteed to be the real deal.  After looking around, I personally found the best deal on Amazon.  Amazon had some of the lowest prices on all of the beats headphones and they offer free shipping to boot. 


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    • jonely profile image

      jonely 6 years ago

      I've owned these beats headphones for about a year now. They are great and high quality for sure. I spent about two weeks trying to compare and contrast many headphones and this is the one I decided was the best. I compared it to Sony's comparable headphones and Bose's. The Sony's were just not on par with quality, at least for the music I listen to. The Bose's were just too pricey for its quality. I also got the Beats for about $100 under retail price so that was a definite plus for me. I am disappointed that these headphones got so popular so quickly because I liked its scarcity when I first purchased them but now every corner I turn I can sometimes spot one. These headphones drain batteries pretty quickly if you use it often. However, for the high quality in sound and high sound isolation performance I am not complaining.

    • 1000Ways profile image

      1000Ways 6 years ago

      If you are buying online, make sure that the website has an authorized Monster Dealer insignia and click on the insignia to make sure that it's real.

      If you are going to buy beats headphones from a brick and mortar store, you should be good as long as the packaging looks legit and you trust the reputation of the store.

      Or you could use one of the links above to purchase beats headphones from Amazon. They are a reputable store after all, and they do have some of the best prices on the web.

    • profile image

      Niwdog 6 years ago

      How will I know if the one I bought is oroginal?

    • 1000Ways profile image

      1000Ways 7 years ago

      I'm sorry Catelyn, I'm merely a big fan and user of the headphones, not the manufacturer. They are made by Monster Cables and their website is Perhaps you can find what you need there. Best of luck!

    • profile image

      catelyn  7 years ago

      hi there i would please love to know what it is you use to make your head phones as i am doing a careers biz expo and we have to create a product and my id iheadphones and need to fine priece for everything to make them so yeah please can you help pretty pretty please