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Beats Tour Headphones

Updated on November 3, 2010

Being the best earbuds for bass, the Beats by Dr. Dre Tour Mobile In-Ear Headphones uses state of the art drivers to produce deep bass, rich music and pure digital music at a reasonable cost.

The Beats by Dre headphones are among the most popular and highly sought after headphones on the market today. This is most likely because they have some of the best sound that headphones of any level can provide. The Beats headphones come in three different models: the Beats Studio, the Beats Solo and the Beats Tour earbuds. The Beat Tour earphones are quite possibly the best earbud styled headphones you can buy. Below are some of the features that make the Beats Tour earbuds so great.

The Tour earbuds utilize high efficiency state of the art drivers that which allow the earbuds to produce remarkable bass. Classically this has been an issue with earbud style headphones because the magnetic drivers are so small they can't get the power needed to get the deep bass. The high efficiency drivers are able to reproduce the sound so the bass doesn't get cut off (which makes the bass sound flat) and this results in a fuller, richer bass sound.

The Beats Tour earbuds also utilize premium noise isolating silicone tips which cut out external noise so that all you hear is the music that's being played. While this is nothing new in earbud technology, the three pairs of cone tips and two pairs of triple-layered tips give you way more options for fitting your ear. And the better fit you get, the better isolation and better sounding music, not to mention that they'll be way more comfortable allowing you to listen longer.

The Tour headphones not only have great bass, but they provide a fuller music experience as well.  The drivers have been engineered to provide ultra-fast response times which means that the music is more precise and clearer than standard earbuds or headphones.  This is especially important now that almost all music is digital; you can finally get the most that the digital music has to offer.  Best of all you can play it loud and you won't get any decrease in performance.

Another great feature about the Beats Tour earbuds is that they have a tangle proof cord.  Monster cables have been designed premium cables for audio and video for years, and they worked out a way to get premium sound without the classic hassle of getting the cord tangled up any time you put it into your backpack or pocket. 


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