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Becoming a Professional SEO Writer

Updated on May 26, 2012

Professional SEO writers write articles for websites that allow them to gain higher rankings in Google. However, What if you are not a professional writer? It might be time you consider brushing up your grammar and spelling to become one. There are millions of people online searching for unique and creative content. These people want to hire you as a professional SEO consultant to help them create this new and exciting content. However, you will need to brush up on the SEO tactics that will lead you to gain new prospects.

Here, are some things that you can do to help yourself attract those prospects.

1. Topic:

The first thing in SEO is Topic. Without it, there is nothing to write. It also will help you know what your audience wants. You want to try and determine the type of people you are writing. Is it a business? Internet marketing campaign? Other industry? Research the topics you want to write about so you have a good idea on what your audience would like. The more in demand that they are the higher profit you will make per article.

2. Create A Title:

Creating a title is the most important aspect of a SEO article. This title must contain the keyword that you are trying to attract. This can even be a broad phrase, a long tail keyword or other combination. As long as it contains your main target then you are well on your way to optimizing your article.

3. Research Keywords:

This is the one thing that will probably take you the most time. Researching keywords are essential to getting the highest ranking out of your unique article. Search for keywords in your niche that have low competition and are targeted to the audience you are searching. A good rule of thumb for keyword addition to your article is adding it to the first paragraph the last paragraph and once in between the first and last paragraph. On a 500 word article, this will get you about 2 percent keyword density which is a great target option.

4. Expertise:

Getting people to see your articles is a great way to earn trust and authority in your niche. Always be prepared to offer tips and advice on things that you can do to go above and beyond the basics. Provide good information that will help them reach their goals. The more that you offer the more people will begin to trust the authority you are establishing in your niche.

5. Simplicity:

People tend to over complicate things. Keeping it simple, and to the point are what most people are searching for when it comes to information. People will appreciate a well written article that is quick and to the point. This should be your number one priority when writing articles for SEO purposes.

There are many different types of SEO Profile tools that you can use to increase the exposure to your website. Article marketing is by far the most effective and longest lasting one that you can find. So, following these simple 5 points will help increase traffic exposure and business you are searching.


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